I have a button on this website called “Submit a Pic“. People use it! Sometimes people send in an image with almost no explanation. Whether you tell me about the photo or not, I love seeing the photos that you submit to this site.

Take a look at just a few of the pictures I’ve been sent over the past month or so:

1 - 1 - IMG_3090 Future Mrs^ That is amazing. It’s a photo of a partner’s engagement. She tells me, “This is one of my favorite pictures of our engagement. This man makes me so happy and I can’t wait to spend forever with him.” She says the photography is by Erica Mae photography.

1 - 1 - image71 tonya's son^ That kid is enjoying his mini Frappuccino!

1 - 1 - image partner name tags

^ The custom partner names tags are drawn and designed by Missy on Instagram. She loves creating custom name tag art for herself and fellow partners. The very sad part of this submission is that partner Missy said that her “regional managers” put a stop to custom name tags and these works of art are no longer allowed in her store.

1 - 1 - 2016Nov9 IMG_4500 Victoria

^ Such a cute little girl.

1 - 1 - Barb and Dean

^ Thank you Barb and Dean for the cute photo!


I definitely get random photos of Starbuckian pets!

1 - 1 - IMG_3301 puppy bev

If you want to see more pets of Starbucks, click here:

Coffee House Paws

And Hayley sent in this photo of her! Hayley has been a reader for years and years. Thank you!

IMG_1230 Hayley

Hope you too will join in the fun and submit a photo, story idea, tip, to StarbucksMelody: