Blonde Roast: Featuring Starbucks partner, Jenna.

Starbucks has been producing a series of ads where they simply interview their partners, and produce very short clips talking about experiences with Blonde roast coffee, and how their friends and family respond to Blonde.  I think probably some people don’t realize that when they do these ads, the partners are being real and genuine.  Starbucks isn’t using actors and actresses.

I love this one.  Totally love it.  This is Jenna talking about how her father drinks coffee.  I’ve known Jenna since 2009, and this ad is truly just Jenna being Jenna.  This is exactly what she is like in real life – I would bet this wasn’t even scripted.  The video was filmed at the First and Pike Starbucks, which is a very photogenic store.  (It’s actually not Jenna’s store though.)  Heck, I am finally starting to really warm up to Blonde roast now.  So, I am sharing one of my favorite shift supervisors talking about Blonde:


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  • purple1

    Melody I have seen the partner ad on tv where she is talking about her mom enjoying the blonde coffee so I assume this ad with Jenna will be added to the other one or replace the first one? Have not seen the Jenna ad in my area yet. Actually, it would be nice if SB went around the country to different stores and not only included partners but customers in their ads. I know there have been customers before but am not sure if they were real customers or actors. But, it would be a nice way to showcase some of the stores!

  • Momiji

    I know people who make their coffee like her dad. LOL Blonde Roast would be good for them. I am not a fan of Blonde Roast, though.

  • Lady mary

    Oh yeah, do I ever love the Blonde Veranda!! I tried it by buying one of those $1 sample packs and am hooked!! I’ve never been able to drink SBUX coffee so I just drink the tea , hot choc, etc but I went out and bought 2 lbs of the fresh ground beans!! I’m so glad that they had those sample packets bc I still would have never gotten coffee there yet. The reg roast is way too strong for me.

  • Lady mary

    I just love your comments on MSI and this blog. thanks Melody !!

  • Melody

    @Momiji, Purple1 and LadyMary – Thank you for the nice comments! LadyMary welcome and I hope you’ll comment more. To be honest, I am not sure who you are on MSI, but you don’t have to say. I’m just happy you like my site.

    Here’s one more of these Blonde roast ads – This one features Christian, who also works in the same store as Jenna –

    I love these series of ads! They are so cute, and so genuine!

  • Courtney B

    @Melody: Thanks for posting this! The timing makes me smile…I decided to have a mug of the Veranda and pair it with a chocolate caramel pretzel on a break at my store yesterday, and wow, it ACTUALLY knocked my socks off! Ive been a dark roast drinker for years – Ive also never been keen on the Veranda, until yesterday that is 😀 Watching these ads gets me excited about Blonde roast now. Im always going to be a dark roast girl at heart, but I can see being in the mood for Veranda once or twice a week. Im going to send the link to my SM :)

  • Melody

    @Courtney B – I am totally with you. These are incredibly effective ads. I cannot believe it, but they get me excited for Blonde roast. And you lucky duck – The Caramel Pretzel is a Starbucks Canada item I hear. We don’t have it here.

  • Chgo.

    My first experience with Starbucks was horrible because I didn’t know what I was doing. I guess when I returned many years later, I was happy with Light Note and House Blend because I was so used to Dunkin Donuts. Now that I have learned to appreciate the good stuff, all this talk of Blonde Roast is bringing me down. It now seems sacrilegious to me that they would push the stuff. I’m happy for those that are getting some satisfaction from the Blondes, because my wife likes Willow, but this big push makes me nervous for the rest of us.

  • Nick Nelson

    Tasted Blonde for the first time today as the Willow Blend stood out to me and they weren’t roasting Dark. It’s better than I thought it would be – but still not my cup of joe.

    Like the commercials though…very personal.

  • Melody

    @Nick Nelson – I think Willow is remarkably good iced. I have had it iced from the Clover many times in the summer. Better iced than hot, imho.

  • Chgo.

    Willow Decaf is good iced! That is what the wife drinks. It does however taste different all the time. I’m guessing it is because it is made on the Clover, and the setting for it on a Clover doesn’t work. So depending on the partner, you never know what other coffee setting they will use, and it just can be the difference in a good Willow and a bad one. @Melody – I’m not sure if I have brought this up before (maybe some partners can chime in) but Willow (at least the decaf) just explodes and runs all over the Clover screen when it is done. It’s a mess. I know they say this can happen when the machine needs cleaning, but there is an obvious problem with the setting for Willow Decaf. Even when the Clover is clean and working properly, Willow Decaf doesn’t work well on a Clover. Using the setting for a different coffee will correct it, but changes the taste of the coffee. Sometimes the setting they use, makes the coffee undrinkable for my wife. It’s so problematic, I don’t know why she drinks it. The problem is that she needs decaf and PPR is not one of her faves, so….

  • Monica Dillow

    Melody, I enjoy the crafted drinks at Starbucks, but when I want coffee I would have to say Pike Place is my tried and true. But the more I order Blonde Roast the more I like it! I enjoy the Vernada. I find the Willow is a bit too acidic for my taste. I find Vernada a bit more smooth on the tongue. One thing too, I love that they do these as pour overs! I got a pour over kit from Starbucks for Christmas and haven’t used a coffee maker since!

  • Melody

    @MonicaDillow – That is a great comment. Pike Place Roast has never been my go-to coffee, but it’s true the pour over can make an awesome cup of coffee. That’s all I use at home (and my Verismo). Be sure to pre-wet the filter when making coffee with the pour over.

  • denise r

    @chgo: am agreeing with you about the ‘Blonde push”. I have heard too many partners say: I used to love a dark roast but I just became a ‘blonde convert’ this morning. They’re all using the same exact words! Thatis a little scary! I really don’t believe them, for one thing, and secondly…all this exact same wording, as they really do try and ‘push’ the Blonde roast. why? Does that make ANY sense when I’m already ordering a BOLD cup of coffee or buying a pound. ? Sbux had me hooked yrs ago, and I’ve hung in there thru all kinds of changes. You’d think that would be enough, not to mention I tell them I’ve already tried the stuff.

  • Courtney B

    @Melody – Wow, the pretzel isn’t down there! I want to send you a couple to have with Veranda! Address? Email it to me:

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