Starbucks has been producing a series of ads where they simply interview their partners, and produce very short clips talking about experiences with Blonde roast coffee, and how their friends and family respond to Blonde.  I think probably some people don’t realize that when they do these ads, the partners are being real and genuine.  Starbucks isn’t using actors and actresses.

I love this one.  Totally love it.  This is Jenna talking about how her father drinks coffee.  I’ve known Jenna since 2009, and this ad is truly just Jenna being Jenna.  This is exactly what she is like in real life – I would bet this wasn’t even scripted.  The video was filmed at the First and Pike Starbucks, which is a very photogenic store.  (It’s actually not Jenna’s store though.)  Heck, I am finally starting to really warm up to Blonde roast now.  So, I am sharing one of my favorite shift supervisors talking about Blonde: