It is time to talk about something that nearly every single person loves! Saving money at Starbucks! Coupons, discounts, and promotions at Starbucks! Starbucks has become very creative with discounts and coupons since early 2008.  Since April 2008, Starbucks adopted certain rewards to save customers money with a registered card, and periodically Starbucks has offered various kinds of discount cards.  We have another episode of that happening right now.

A little background:

Before I talk about the current Perfect Oatmeal promotion, I want to mention two prior discount cards in Starbucks past.

First discount card:  In April 2008, baristas at Starbucks stores passed out Pike Place Roast cards which were small little cards exactly the size and shape of this Oatmeal card.  The Pike Place Roast cards were brightly colored and featured the new 2008 version of the Starbucks siren.  The holder of the Pike Place discount card received a free tall drip brewed Pike Place Roast on Wednesdays.  As I recall, the promotion ran for about eight weeks.

Second discount card: In late December 2008, Starbucks launched several new tea beverages, including a tea-infusion, vanilla rooibos latte, and London fog latte.  In conjunction with this launch, Starbucks customers could pick up tea discount cards available at participating Starbucks.  These cards offered the card holder one dollar off of a Tazo tea beverage after two in the afternoon.  Again, the promotional card was valid for about two months.

Now, we have a third discount card, and it is the $1 off Perfect Oatmeal or Panani card, as shown in this blog.  This card wasn’t passed out in stores, but rather found in the newspapers in some cities.

I wish I had saved my old discount cards, but since in 2008 and early 2009, I really had no idea I would later be writing a blog, I tossed out many things that I now wish I had saved.  I googled to come up with images of the prior discount cards. (Two images are below). The images are not mine!

My Starbucks Rewards Coupons

In addition to the oatmeal discount card, My Starbucks Rewards members are beginning to receive a flurry of coupons in the mail.  So far there has been a coupon for a free tall “skinny” beverage as a coupon to promote their skinny line of beverages. Also earlier this month, I received a free Perfect oatmeal coupon.  And of course, under the new My Starbucks Rewards, a “gold” level participants receives a free drink coupon after 15 “stars” have been earned and I have begun receiving these in my mail box too. An image of these three My Starbucks Rewards coupons is attached.

Yes, I do like oatmeal:

Back on the topic of oatmeal: It’s delicious! A wonderful warm breakfast at Starbucks on a cold winter day.  A customer can have a variety of toppings including brown sugar, dried fruit, or nuts.  This winter I also discovered that a couple pumps of Gingerbread Sauce in the Perfect Oatmeal is delicious!  As you can see, I am a little more enthusiastic about the oatmeal discount than the Panani. The $1 off discount card is valid until March 8, 2010.

And now I open the floor for all of you to talk about what coupons, discounts you’ve received, and what you’re still wishing for…

Thank you again to Larry Aldrich of Seattle Custom Framing for his help with many of the photos in this blog post.

MyStarbucksRewards coupons
Pike Place Roast promotional card
Tazo tea promotional card