What is “orange”? It’s a fruit with a peel with a stipple feel to it.  It’s a county and a city in California.  It’s a county and a city in Florida. It was a syrup at Starbucks, once upon a time.  It was a cupcake flavor at Starbucks, once upon a time.  It is one of the few words in the English language with no true perfect rhyme to it. It is a football stadium in Miami, Florida.  It is a noun. It was a syrup at Starbucks, several years ago … Oh yes we said that already.

Well, it’s a well-missed syrup.  On  My Starbucks Idea, on a regular basis, participants come online just to lament the loss of an orange syrup.  Here’s an example of what I mean:

Bring the orange syrup back!!

I remember when there was an orange syrup in the stores, and I loved it though I never once ordered it in an espresso beverage.  I would buy a San Pelligrino and ask for an Italian Soda, with whip cream and then there was an orange drizzle on top of the whip cream.  I loved it. One hot summer, I’d say about four years ago, I drank a lot of orange Italian Sodas.  Thank you Oak Tree store for always taking the time to make them perfectly.

The photo in this picture comes from twitterer @RachelGab.  It’s not actually her photo.  Eons ago, I was chatting with her and I think the topic was generally cupcakes.  She mentioned that Starbucks once had an orange cupcake, which I did not remember.  Through the magic of Google, Rachel pointed me in the direction of an exact photo of the orange cupcake that was previously available at Starbucks.  All I know is that  I want one.  Yes, cupcakes are so wonderful!  Unfortunately, not really sure who has the copyright for this lovely pic of this orange Starbucks cupcake, but it’s such an enticing looking treat, that I want to show it off.

If you want to read about the most recent vanilla cupcakes sold in a Starbucks, here’s a previous blog post on that topic:

Vanilla Cupcakes return to Starbucks

The current seasonal syrup at Starbucks is dark cherry – You can read about that here:

Welcome to Dark Cherry

And back on the topic of orange. I like the orange flavor. It’s not just because Disneyland sits in Orange County, California.  I like oranges. A small part of me is a little jealous that some international markets currently have an orange syrup.  According to the Starbucks Malaysia website, a Honey Orange Latte is a current promo beverage in Malaysia.

Any other orange syrup fans here?  Discuss this or any other Starbucks topic! As always, I love your comments, and I’m immensely thankful to all of you who leave a comment now and then.  Here’s the other cupcake photo of the amazing orange cupcakes at Starbucks: