Have you seen these chocolate bites at your local Starbucks?

I’m very curious if anyone reading this has seen these sweets/ chocolate bites at his or her local Starbucks?  There are four small containers of chocolate bites which should be located somewhere near the register area of your neighborhood Starbucks store.  The four treats are as follows:

  • Salted Almond Chocolate Bites
  • Berry Medley Chocolate Bites
  • Caramel Brûlé Chocolate Bites (That seems to be missing an “e.” Typically Starbucks writes Brûlée out with two Es.  Not that I really care what you call it so long as it tastes delicious.)
  • Creamy Peanut Pretzel Bites

I am so curious if you have tried these?  I have looked high and low for them here in downtown Seattle.  I’ve checked all my neighborhood stores, and asked a number of partners, even to the point of some downtown partners looking at me as if I were speaking gibberish.  I could tell that a few partners looked at me as if they were thinking, ‘What in the heck is that girl talking about? Pretzel bites?

After much searching, I found a very small supply of the Salted Almond Chocolate Bites, and I discovered that the Caramel Brûlé are widely available. The Salted Almond ones are amazing.  Toe-curling amazing.  I haven’t tried the Creamy Peanut Chocolate Bites, nor the Berry Medley.  Seattle got passed over for these!  If anyone wants to put a pack in the mail to me, please email me. 😉 Melody at StarbucksMelody dot com.

When I tweeted about these, lots of people raved about these little bites!  A partner in Texas sent me this photo:

Have you tried these?  What do you think? Will you send me some pretty please with sugar on top? 😛

(Thank you very much to the two partners who sent me these photos to use on my blog.  When I first glanced at the top photo, I had thought it was an official Starbucks photo that I hadn’t seen before.  It’s so well done.  Nope, not an official photo.  The partner told me she just quickly staged the chocolate bites, took the photo, and emailed it to me.)


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  • Momiji

    I haven’t seen them. All of the names sound good except Berry. :-/

    Hopefully someone can send you some. 😀

  • Purple1

    Melody sitting at SB now and we did have them but out and as soon as they get them back will send some to you.

  • Michelle


    We’ve been getting them in stages. First the almonds, then the caramel brulee bites, the fruit ones showed up on the order the other day. Maybe they will show up eventually?

  • Jack

    We have the Salted Chocolate covered almonds and the Brûlée Bites at Lower Queen Anne. ; )

  • Melody

    Jack – I definitely have to come visit your store tomorrow. I’ll stock up on the almond ones. :)

  • Rebecca

    I believe these are intended for the new rollout on Sept 4th, hence why you aren’t finding them in many stores. I’m stoked for them – they sound delightful, and will be fun to try for coffee tastings!

  • Nathalya

    I love the salted caramel ones!!!!!!They always sell out in our store within hours..mostly because I buy them too :) . Hope to see you soon at 7th and Pike!

  • Melody

    @Nathalya – Please say “hi” to Duane for me! The problem of living downtown is that I have like 30 neighborhood Starbucks. :) You guys are THE best! I’m going to try and drop by tomorrow evening sometime.

  • Kurt.

    Caramel Brulee and Salted Almond here in Boulder. Salted Almond is better, but Caramel Brulee makes for interesting coffee pairing options. No Berry or Pretzel yet. Lots of stuff happens on September 3rd and 4th. Many promotions end so I expect more to start. I like the idea that maybe some are arriving early. And they are having wretched supply chain problems with their Via Refreshers so maybe the berries and pretzels are struggling too? Their stuff used to be made by Dilettante up in Seattle. Maybe you can call them and see what is up? (Does anyone know who is making the candies now?)

  • jocelyn

    i’ll pop them in the mail to you as soon as i kick this nasty cold :(

  • Sharlsie

    I haven’t even heard of these! Boy I hope we get them in Virginia!

  • Melody

    @Jocelyn – Feel better soon! Rest up! And thank you for sending them.
    @Sharlsie – Hope you get them in Virginia too. The comments above say that these bites are for the official September launch, though I didn’t realize that when I wrote this article. Either that, or Starbucks is having a hard time getting great products to 12,000 U.S. stores. (Speaking of September launch, I think Pumpkin Spice latte is nearly back at Starbucks.)

  • Alexander

    My store’s gotten the Caramel Brulee Bites, the Salted Almond Bites, and the Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites. I’m dangerously attracted to them. It’s a little pricey for the bottles (like $4?), but the fact that the canisters are re-sealable justifies the cost for me since you can save the snack for later.

    And Melody, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and a few other goodies are coming very soon :)

  • Nathan

    We do have these in Canada. I know for sure we have the caramel brulee, but I will have to check on the rest.

  • Forresst

    I work for Starbucks in Calgary, AB, Canada. We’ve got the berry, almond and caramel ones but can’t stock the peanut butter ones due to a partner allergy. The berry ones are very nice. The caramel ones have been out for a while but just recently had their packaging changed to the little tubes (they used to be in bags).

  • amazonv

    I haven’t seen them! they sound delicious, maybe on my 30 hour drive TX to VA I will!

  • Kurt

    Partner samples of pumpkin spice mix are on the counters in stores here. I can see the pumpkin colored pump heads already.

  • Blakeco123

    I have seen these, but they are not at the register for me, they are near the tumblers in the middle of the stores. I haven’t tried them but they looks and sound good! I love the caramel brûlée flavor seasonal frappuccino so it would be awesome if they continue to roll out products in that flavor.

  • GAStarbucksGirl

    We have them Melody, in Atlanta, GA :) they are yummy and cute.

  • Chgo.

    After reading this thread, I’m wondering if I did see these yesterday at the Clover location you visited last year with Denice. They look very familiar and I think I now know why.

  • Aaron Burdick

    Hey Melody! I’m here in Charlotte, NC and we have them all! They’re all great and we’ve been sampling them quite a bit to share with our customers and of course each other as well!! My favorite are the berry ones. I will definitely send you some if no one else has said that they would yet. Let me know if you’d like them (and where to send them) and i’ll get them out to you!!

    Thanks for all you do!


  • Nathan

    The almonds are AMAZING, so good! The berry ones are like are fruit chews just dipped in white chocolate. Just a few more things to add to my waistline 😉

  • LatteRose

    I got to try the salted almond ones – very good! Will pick up a couple (or more!) packs next time I’m in. Looking forward to trying the others!

  • Melody

    @Aaron B. – I really appreciate the offer! I am so tempted, but it looks like I do have some of each coming to me now. I can wait to try the 2 that I have not yet tried!
    @Nathan – I should be thankful that these little chocolate bites are not sold in Seattle. 😉 By the way, I think there are two Nathans on this blog. That’s okay.

  • denise r

    Apparently we’ve had these in our store for ~ a mnth? They did look familiar but I wasn’t sure. Knew I’d had the caramel brulee in the past but they were the ones in the bag. These choc. covered almond ones are really good, imo. Doubt I would buy any of them very often but in a sugar-low-feeling……they’d work. (will try the pretzel ones tho)

  • MCW

    we’ve got them in DC and Baltimore– they seem to sell great, because they are rarely fully stocked in the containers by the registers!

  • Melody

    @MCW – I am a little bit jealous that so many places got all 4 of these! We still have have the Caramel Brulee and Salted Almond Chocolate Bites in Seattle. MCW – Let me know if you have a favorite of the 4 varieties. I’m curious!

  • Melody

    It is remarkable that the rest of the country got these four little treats, and Seattle did not. I tried the Creamy Peanut today, thanks to Purple1 sending me a packaage. Holy moly, the whole little container is gone now. I was not able to stop eating them. I should be ever-so-thankful that these little treats are not sold in Seattle!

  • Justin

    I found them in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

  • Leslee

    Mel! I found these today in Elk Grove… Picked up some for you and will be sending them your way :-)

  • Melody

    Leslee! Thank you! I got some from other readers, but I can’t believe how I quickly chomped through a whole container of the creamy peanut ones! I would love more of that specific one. And I need to mail you something too – And somehow do it so it does not get broken. I need your address again. Sorry! Melody at StarbucksMelody dot com

  • Melody

    I am still patiently waiting for the “creamy peanut chocolate bites” to show up as a Seattle item. I was crossing my fingers that they’d show up with the fall launch, but that didn’t happen. Darn it.

  • MCW

    @Melody– I’m with you on this one– peanut pretzel are great! Berry medley not as much, but that’s not really a flavor combo I go for anyway!

  • Melody

    @MCW – I like the berry ones too, but the salted almond and the creamy peanut are by far my favorites. I tried asking yesterday (at the SSC – I was at the headquarters) why Seattle doesn’t offer all 4 “Chocolate Bites” but nobody had an answer!

  • Melody

    I finally just saw these Creamy Peanut Pretzel chocolate bites here in Seattle. They are finally here. I was almost going to ask readers to send me more, but we finally got them. They are so good!

  • CD

    @Melody – step away from the Creamy Peanut Pretzel chocolate bites…


  • Paul Riney

    Has anyone offered to send you any? We have them at my store in NC. I’m a partner there. Let me know! I love working at Starbucks.

  • Melody

    Hi Paul R! Thank you for reading my blog! Hope you’ll subscribe and/or “like” it.

    Thank you for the offer! The chocolate peanut ones are still my favorite. We FINALLY got them in – all four flavors – in Seattle long after the rest of the country. I’ve had to stop buying them because I can, — and I probably should not admit this — consume an entire container of the chocolate peanut ones in one sitting.

    Which ones are your favorite Paul? :)

  • Erick

    Does anyone other then Starbucks make or sell these?

  • Bara

    got my first bite today! and im addicted to Berry Medley Chocolate Bites already!

  • Patty Koltrider

    OMG, I got the Berry Melody in PA…….LUV THEM

  • chicab

    Yes and I have tried them all….they are all over the DC metro area (DC/VA/MD) inclusive I have seen them in a few Starbucks in NJ and in Ontario, Canada.

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