Velton Ross at his coffee cupping table

Readers be forewarned: This blog entry has nothing to do with Starbucks. It’ll probably be the only one like it.  As dedicated as I am to Starbucks, I still love the chance to further my coffee education wherever possible, and experience other coffee roasters’ coffees too.  I recently had a chance to cup coffee with Velton Ross, and take home some of his freshly-roasted coffee.  He is a very small coffee roaster in Everett, Washington.  The background story is this: A coffee blogger in Florida (Mike Crimmins) asked me to write a guest blog post for him, and so I reached out to Velton Ross, hoping to feature his coffee on Mike Crimmins’ blog. Velton was very welcoming, and the result was this guest blog post here:

Introducing Velton’s Coffee (Link goes to Mike Crimmins’ Daily Shot Of Coffee blog)

^ If you click on that link, you’ll get to read about my experiences connecting with a local small roaster, and the fun we had cupping coffee on July 5, 2010.