You might not know all the good things that Starbucks does. 

In my book, living the word “partner” means having a spirit of partnership and collaboration with others.  (Yes, obviously, I am not a partner but I still love partnership and collaboration).

This year 40 Starbucks stores in New Jersey have partnered with the Angelwish Foundation to make good things happen for needy children this holiday season.  It’s ongoing partnership to bring toys to sick children.  (I think there was a 2008 and 2009 Angelwish toy drive too).

While most of my readers are  far away from New Jersey and they won’t be able to help directly in the stores, I would encourage my readers to make a donation, show support, and follow Angelwish both on their twitter and Facebook pages.  I wanted to put my money where my mouth is (so to speak) and so I made an immediate donation as I wrote this blog post (albeit small! Sorry I’m not rich).  I completely recognize that not everyone can do that, but show your support by “liking” their Facebook fan page, following them on twitter, or spreading the word about the good things that happen when Angelwish and Starbucks partner together.  You can be a part of bringing toys and gifts to a child living with a chronic illness.

Here are the important links:

Thanks for following them and supporting them!

Angelwish also brings gifts to children with HIV living in foreign countries.  Here is a little more about Angelwish from their website:  “Angelwish has championed the needs of children since 1999.  In the United states, there are over 10 Million children living with Chronic Illnesses.  Overseas, it is possible to estimate that over 25 million children are either living with HIV/AIDS or have become orphans due to the disease.”


Please skip the next section if you are only looking for Starbucks content:

The next part of this blog post is not really about Starbucks but something I want to talk about because it fits in this conversation.  Many of you know that I am concerned with issues that relate to justice and even the collateral things that happen because of our court system which maybe are not frequently talked about.

Every year lots of people (mostly men statistically, but of course women too) get sentenced and go to prison for a long time.  Should they go to prison? Well, we could debate for hours, but what I have learned is that the overwhelming majority of those people really _earned_ their sentences.  I do NOT want to see a debate in the comments about prison sentences or punishments, and such comments will be immediately deleted.

The forgotten aspect to this is the small children literally left behind without a mother or a father because dad or mom is on an excursion to prison.  A little child did NOT commit a crime.  In my mind, no five-year-old should go without Christmas presents or birthday presents because dad decided to sell drugs one day.  The little child is just a child, and not a dealer and an addict too. 

In 2008, I got involved with a very small Washington State non-profit called  Matthew House and did a toy drive at my own office.  Matthew House brings presents to children forgotten by Santa because dad is incarcerated.  I feel almost guilty that I haven’t done that since then.  If you know some local organization near you that does that kind of good work, I hope you will seek them out.  I would like encourage you to seek out the little non-profits close to you making a difference in your own community. 

I know the last four paragraphs could open up all kinds of unpleasant conversations about religious organizations, incarceration, and criminal justice, and that is not my intent.  As I said, I will delete comments that appear to only invite vexing  conversation on these sensitive issues.

My point with this blog post is merely a reminder that so many children do not live amid privilege and good health, and we forget the circumstances around us where a child needs a little love, toys, and gifts, and really the cause of the child’s suffering is not of their own fault.


Last but not least, this is a perfect chance to remind my readers that Starbucks has recently partnered with – Click here for more information.

Thanks again for being readers and participants on this blog.  Partnership and collaboration!