I thought it would be fun to talk about where Starbucks will soon be opening up new stores.  Maybe some of these stores will be near you!  As a caveat, some of this blog post is purely gossip and speculation, and it is the culmination of many of conversations and emails.  I hope that everything I write below is accurate, but I can’t guarantee it.

So here are a few possible new store openings that I’ve heard about:

1. Starbucks in the Pearl district of Portland Oregon:  This store is rumored to be opening June 13, 2011.  and is slated to be another “black label” Starbucks like the Olive Way store and the 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea Starbucks.  The Portland Business Journal blog reported this store announcement here.

2. Starbucks in Harvard Square, Massachusetts:  This store has been in the news several times.  There is a fairly comprehensive article about it here, describing it as a location that will feature two stories, offer the Clover brewer, may offer live music, and will be designed according to LEED certification standards.  I’ve heard rumor that this store will open May 20, 2011.

3. Starbucks in Lynnwood, Washington: I have heard more than one person tell me that a Starbucks is coming to Lynnwood on 164th Street, and in the new Fred Meyer’s shopping center.  This new store is slated to have a fireplace in the cafe, and have a a drive-thru also.  Although it sounds like a licensed store since it is a in a Fred Meyer shopping center, I have heard that this will be a company-operated store.  I’ve heard rumor that this store will open mid-June 2011.

4. Starbucks in Lakeway, Texas: While doing a few google searches, I found this isolated mention of a new Starbucks in Lakeway, Texas, to be located across the street of where there is an existing Starbucks.  That news article states that the new Starbucks will be a drive-thru.  The article is dated from early March 2011, so it is unclear to me if this store has already opened, or is still under construction.  I’m also not sure if this is a relocation of the existing Lakeway store, or a new store.  Anyone who knows the answer, please weigh in!  Is there anyone in Lakeway, Texas reading this blog?

5. Starbucks in downtown Seattle:  I’ve heard gossip that there will be a new store on the corner of 4th and Union in downtown Seattle.  The alleged-location would be at 1318 Fourth Avenue, in the retail space recently vacated by the David Lawrence apparel store in the Rainier Square retail space.  The new store will have a Clover brewer and showcase the latest designs featuring LEED certification standards.  The Puget Sound Plaza Starbucks, located immediately across the street (initially opened June 1987), will close when the lease expires.  The Puget Sound Plaza Starbucks is so small that it has no seating, and it has very poor visibility from the road.  The new Starbucks is slated to open in August 2011.

Skip this section if you are not interested in Seattle history:  In the early 1900s until 1974, that entire block was the site of the White-Henry-Stuart Building.  In a 1923 magazine article, the White-Henry-Stuart Building is described as “…40,000 square feet of rentable office space covering the entire blocks between Fourth and Fifth Avenues and Union and University Street.”  The building was described as the center of the lumber industry in the Puget Sound and “housed nearly 150 of the larger lumber and timber companies.”  The building was designed by “Mr. Howells” of the firm Howells and Albertson, who also designed the “Tribune Building” in Chicago.  Across the street, the Cobb Building in Seattle was developed by the same builders, and remains standing in Seattle today, now as apartment rentals.  In 1974, the White-Henry-Stuart Building was demolished to make way for the current Rainier Tower and Square.

By the way, notice the dated description of restrooms, which could not sound more early twentieth century: “Rest rooms, tastefully furnished in wicker and chintz, are located on the seventh floor for women and girls in the building, and on the third floor are the separate rest rooms and lockers for the women and men employes of the company.”

Perhaps Starbucks store design team will find a way to incorporate design elements that hearken back to this interesting history.  Perhaps restrooms in “wicker and chintz” and some design style that is reminiscent of the fact that the center of the lumber and timber industries once occupied that space, nearly 100 years ago.  I should clarify that I am both half way serious and half way joking at that comment:  I think it would be kind of interesting to see something in the store design that honor’s this history, though I doubt it will happen.

6. Starbucks in Kelso, Washington: I’ve heard loose gossip that there could be one Starbucks coming to Kelso, Washington, to be designed as a drive-thru and to capture the I-5 traffic in that area.  I’ve heard this could open in September 2011.


This is open thread! Talk about anything Starbucks related.  Where have you heard about new stores or where would you like to see Starbucks put a new store?