Pure gossip: Where are there new Starbucks stores coming soon?

I thought it would be fun to talk about where Starbucks will soon be opening up new stores.  Maybe some of these stores will be near you!  As a caveat, some of this blog post is purely gossip and speculation, and it is the culmination of many of conversations and emails.  I hope that everything I write below is accurate, but I can’t guarantee it.

So here are a few possible new store openings that I’ve heard about:

1. Starbucks in the Pearl district of Portland Oregon:  This store is rumored to be opening June 13, 2011.  and is slated to be another “black label” Starbucks like the Olive Way store and the 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea Starbucks.  The Portland Business Journal blog reported this store announcement here.

2. Starbucks in Harvard Square, Massachusetts:  This store has been in the news several times.  There is a fairly comprehensive article about it here, describing it as a location that will feature two stories, offer the Clover brewer, may offer live music, and will be designed according to LEED certification standards.  I’ve heard rumor that this store will open May 20, 2011.

3. Starbucks in Lynnwood, Washington: I have heard more than one person tell me that a Starbucks is coming to Lynnwood on 164th Street, and in the new Fred Meyer’s shopping center.  This new store is slated to have a fireplace in the cafe, and have a a drive-thru also.  Although it sounds like a licensed store since it is a in a Fred Meyer shopping center, I have heard that this will be a company-operated store.  I’ve heard rumor that this store will open mid-June 2011.

4. Starbucks in Lakeway, Texas: While doing a few google searches, I found this isolated mention of a new Starbucks in Lakeway, Texas, to be located across the street of where there is an existing Starbucks.  That news article states that the new Starbucks will be a drive-thru.  The article is dated from early March 2011, so it is unclear to me if this store has already opened, or is still under construction.  I’m also not sure if this is a relocation of the existing Lakeway store, or a new store.  Anyone who knows the answer, please weigh in!  Is there anyone in Lakeway, Texas reading this blog?

5. Starbucks in downtown Seattle:  I’ve heard gossip that there will be a new store on the corner of 4th and Union in downtown Seattle.  The alleged-location would be at 1318 Fourth Avenue, in the retail space recently vacated by the David Lawrence apparel store in the Rainier Square retail space.  The new store will have a Clover brewer and showcase the latest designs featuring LEED certification standards.  The Puget Sound Plaza Starbucks, located immediately across the street (initially opened June 1987), will close when the lease expires.  The Puget Sound Plaza Starbucks is so small that it has no seating, and it has very poor visibility from the road.  The new Starbucks is slated to open in August 2011.

Skip this section if you are not interested in Seattle history:  In the early 1900s until 1974, that entire block was the site of the White-Henry-Stuart Building.  In a 1923 magazine article, the White-Henry-Stuart Building is described as “…40,000 square feet of rentable office space covering the entire blocks between Fourth and Fifth Avenues and Union and University Street.”  The building was described as the center of the lumber industry in the Puget Sound and “housed nearly 150 of the larger lumber and timber companies.”  The building was designed by “Mr. Howells” of the firm Howells and Albertson, who also designed the “Tribune Building” in Chicago.  Across the street, the Cobb Building in Seattle was developed by the same builders, and remains standing in Seattle today, now as apartment rentals.  In 1974, the White-Henry-Stuart Building was demolished to make way for the current Rainier Tower and Square.

By the way, notice the dated description of restrooms, which could not sound more early twentieth century: “Rest rooms, tastefully furnished in wicker and chintz, are located on the seventh floor for women and girls in the building, and on the third floor are the separate rest rooms and lockers for the women and men employes of the company.”

Perhaps Starbucks store design team will find a way to incorporate design elements that hearken back to this interesting history.  Perhaps restrooms in “wicker and chintz” and some design style that is reminiscent of the fact that the center of the lumber and timber industries once occupied that space, nearly 100 years ago.  I should clarify that I am both half way serious and half way joking at that comment:  I think it would be kind of interesting to see something in the store design that honor’s this history, though I doubt it will happen.

6. Starbucks in Kelso, Washington: I’ve heard loose gossip that there could be one Starbucks coming to Kelso, Washington, to be designed as a drive-thru and to capture the I-5 traffic in that area.  I’ve heard this could open in September 2011.


This is open thread! Talk about anything Starbucks related.  Where have you heard about new stores or where would you like to see Starbucks put a new store?

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  • BCav

    As a Texan, I must say I don’t even know where Lakeway, TX is… but you know I will be googling it and maybe check it out when I return to TX. The Harvard Square store sounds interesting.

    What about Starbucks International? I’ve heard of a couple new stores opening in Canada and the new one (and very first one!) in Amsterdam.

  • Jasper

    A first Starbucks EMEA operated store opened in Amsterdam at Leidsestraat on April 21. A second such store at Beethovenstraat is scheduled to open in about two weeks. Licensed stores are projected at Amsterdam Zuid station (Servex operated) as well as a fifth airport store at Schiphol (HMS host; this store will be airside and may already be operating). Servex is also planning for a store at Den Haag Centraal station. Starbucks EMEA recently announced plans for ten new stores this year, but it is unclear if this count includes licensed stores.

  • purple1

    Melody I am getting excited about the Harvard Square store even though I am not too near it, but feel like I know it. I wish they would open some more stores in my neck of the woods. Since this is an open thread thought I would mention this am my local SB was busy and a partner was there (her second day on the job) and she has such passion I sure hope it continues. I complimented her on her passion and welcomed her to the store. I arrived late so I could watch some of the wedding and it was nice the welcome I got. Many of the people knew I was going to be late! Thanks Melody for this post.

  • denise r

    oh yay! MA and Seattle need a few more stores!
    sorry…… ;(
    there are so many that need an update or remodeling…… not to mention several that I KNOW would support a Clover or 2. Oh well, good for Sbux and anyone around those new ones,,,, who needs one!
    have to coem back and re-read “Seattle “part of this.

  • purple1

    I agree that there are a few stores that are very dated and old and should take some of the design ideas seen in these blog posts. Also, it would be nice to have clovers at more stores.

  • Amy in Boston

    I cannot wait for the Harvard Square store to open. I don’t live that close to harvard square but I’m thinking that I might have reasons to go to Cambridge now. I know people say Boston has a lot of Starbucks and why do we need another one. My answer to that is, if you go to any Starbucks in Cambridge (and most in Boston), chances are you will not be able to find a seat to sit and the fact that this store is 1. open late and 2. has more seats is just so awesome.

    I can’t wait to see the decor of this store.

    Purple- do you live in the Boston area?

    I do feel that almost every store that has the space for it has a clover in boston (but I’m not complaining)

    Melody- I heard that they are re-releasing the iced double wall tumblers with the straw in a few weeks. Have you heard about any other merchandise that they will be releasing at the same time?

  • Teresa

    A starbucks store in Grass Valley CA is moving to a new location. It is going to be in the old arbys that closed a few years ago. The establishment is a mess but there are supposed to be major cleanup underway soon. The present location of this store is way to small for how busy this store gets. Many customers have commented on its size since it opened 10 years ago.

  • Nicholas Cardot

    I just moved home from the Military. I was used to the Washington DC metro area where I could find Starbucks all over the place and now I’m stranded without one Starbucks within 40 minutes of where I live. What am I going to do? Hopefully they just keep on expanding…faster and faster.

    P.S. I’m glad to see that your website is back up. Did you ever figure out what happened that brought it down for a little while?

  • Leslee

    I love going to Seattle and finding so many Starbucks! I think another downtown would be awesome!

  • Melody

    @Nicholas – No Starbucks for 40 minutes? You must be in the middle of nowhere! 😉 As to the website being down, it was borderline traumatic for me. Hostgator just said that a server went down. I think it was down for like 5 hours!
    @Leslee – Seattle IS a Starbucks paradise!

  • Melody

    @deniseR – I think Starbucks has said that they will be opening up 100 stores in the US in fiscal 2011. You know, it is really HARD to get info about new stores. Starbucks is very secretive. And since I’m in Seattle, that is what I am most likely to hear about. But I suspect that 98% of new store openings will be outside of Seattle. And by the way, Cowlitz county is NOT close to Seattle. That’s much closer to Portland. In the comments in some previous blog article, a person commented that Denver was getting a black label Starbucks but I don’t know anymore than that, and didn’t include it in this list.

  • Amanda

    Can they open one in Daytona Beach? I have to go to a Target for my Starbucks. :(

  • Amanda

    BTW, I’m trying to twitter this page, but Twitter is telling me it’s over capacity! Lol! Maybe the royal wedding crashed it.

  • Melody

    @Amanda – I hate that failwhale! We’ll just call it good for you! I can’t use twitter at all at the moment.

  • Coolwatyr

    I wish we would get a reserve or clover here…. It just doesn’t seem likely.

    Where I used to live the only Starbucks was in the Safeway. I was beside myself when that opened! When I first moved there (DE) the closest one was about an hour away. I thought I would die. Now that I’m back in AZ – there are LOTS of Starbucks. (just never enough $ to indulge as often as we’d like)

    Lilly – (granddaughter I’m raising) loves the peppermint mocha Frap… Her beverage of choice.
    It’s getting hot here so I’ve moved to iced Americanos if it’s later in the day.

    Babbling concluded – 😉

  • Hayley

    Hear anything about Reserve stores in AZ? Can’t blame a girl for asking right?! :)

  • Hayley

    @coolwatyr I still promise to let you know if I hear of any Reserve stores in AZ, if I hear about them!
    Also the Cold cups are coming back – with the new siren. I’m excited for this! :)

  • denise r

    did I sound cynical??? if so, I apologize. (I AM kind of cynical but try and come across without too much of it!)
    It’s often too hard to understand Sbux ‘moves’. 😉

  • Suzanne C

    New Jersey is definitely not Seattle but I have approximately four Starbucks I could go to just on my way to work. I prefer two of them.

    Maybe just one within a mile from my house would be nice or even one that had a Clover, but I guess I am getting greedy.

    What else can I say, gotta have my Bux.

  • Coolwatyr

    @Haley Thank you! I feel like we are in the outlands.

    : )

  • Sarah

    Excited about Lynnwood! I heard it was going in there 2 years ago! There is already one inside the Fred Meyer but so many stores are going up in the new center it will need another! There are 3 in Alderwood mall and they are all always busy!

  • chumusic

    Morristown, New Jersey is confirmed. http://tinyurl.com/6l6k7th Actually, it’s returning to exactly where it was before. The old building was knocked down, and now they are putting a new store in the new building.

  • purple1

    Amy I do not live in Boston, but our daughter is getting a joint degree at HLS/HKS and I feel like I know that area so well and am really excited about this new store coming into the square. Have been to many of the other SB stores in Cambridge.

  • Amy in Boston

    @purple cool. I live in Brookline and don’t get out to Cambridge nearly as much.

  • becca

    Hi Mel,
    Lots of times the new locations are kept a secret until we are sure that we have the lease secured and all the permits are in order. Several competitors and other businesses may not want a Starbucks next door (even though in real estate terms it tends in be a draw for other businesses and increase the leasing values). BUT here’s hoping we continue to open more beautiful clover stores and LEED certified stores.

  • Mary

    Interesting…I used to work in the office on 4th and Union, my building is the one with the Tully’s on the ground floor. I’m pretty sure there’s a Sbux a few yards from the location you mentioned; not a “proper” one since it was small and part of the office building, but still a very popular one. I wonder if it will stay…

  • Melody

    @Mary – Hi there! Welcome to the blog! Hope you’ll stick around and look at some of the other articles here too. The small Starbucks you’re referring to (I think) is the Puget Sound Plaza Starbucks which is just across the street from Rainier Square. I hear that will close at the end of its lease.
    Thanks for dropping by my little StarbucksMelody site. :)

  • Brian

    Not any mention of the UK here, but there is a new store currently being fitted out in Birstall Retail Park, Leeds! This may, or may not be a drive-thru location. The first in this part of the UK! :)

  • daisy

    They have a new drive thru coming soon to 74th street and lakewood dr in tacoma wa. That will be the 5th one in like a 3 mile radius and closest to my house. Love it!

  • Melody

    Hi Daisy! Welcome to the blog. Please poke around and join in the fun. If you like the site, please click “like” on the blog’s facebook page link on the right hand side column.

    That’s interesting that Tacoma is getting a new drive thru. It feels like Starbucks is starting to really open up new stores again. I kind of know that area … I may make a point of dropping by sometime. Thanks for the 411 on the new store! Do you have any idea when it actually will open?

  • Jackie

    A new Starbucks is opening in Dundas, Ontario, Canada. Can’t wait. It is the first Starbucks for our little town and the first ever Starbucks within walking distance from my house.

  • Melody

    @Jackie – It seems like Starbucks is really growing again. I’ve heard it said that they know they have a lot of room for growth in certain areas of Canada. Downtown Seattle is getting a couple more Starbucks too, in the coming several months. It’s amazing to me how many stores we can support!
    Thanks for dropping by the blog. Please “like” the blog’s facebook page too.
    Thanks, Melody

  • Daisy

    Update: Tacoma (74th & Lakewood Dr.)
    The coming soon sign is gone and the permanent signs are up. Looks like they have the inside done but no tables yet. Havent peeked in the window but it looks like it will open with the next couple weeks. From the street I didnt see any signs on the window like we open on such and such date or for hire signs, but i was 2 lanes over. Getting close… cant wait!

  • Theresa

    Opening day for 74th & Lakewood Dr is Friday Sept 9th… Almost there!

  • Melody

    @Theresa – yay! Is it the 9th? I had heard the 8th? I’m definitely going to try and stop by this Saturday!

  • Veronica

    Can we please get one in Buckeye, Az?I have to travel 15 miles one way for my cup of coffee…

  • Scott

    Any know about a new free standing Starbucks in New Albany ,in

  • Terra

    Any discussion on a Starbucks coming to the Crystal River or Inverness Florida area?

  • Vel

    Update on the Starbucks in Lakeway, Texas:
    I drive by the site everyday. It is currently under construction and will have a drive thru. It is located on the SW corner of the RR 620 and Lohman’s Crossing intersection between the Wendy’s and Bank of America buildings (See map http://g.co/maps/dkhqu). I would expect it to be open by late summer/early fall this year. FYI Lakeway is located next to Lake Travis, just a few miles west of Austin, TX.

  • anonymous

    Starbucks in Kelso Wa aiming to open June 29th 2012. :)

  • jazmin

    Hi im from Houston Texas and I love Starbucks coffie but it sucks that I have to drive far to get one
    They should make one near My house

  • Karen M

    Please tell me there is gonna be another Starbucks built in Wichita Falls . The location of the one they have now sucks . And the drive thru is in a terrible location with so many customers they really do need another one . Just saying

  • Dane Smith

    Are there plans to bring Starbucks to East Boston? “Eastie” is exploding with upgraded apartments, condos, houses and plans for another new hotel … but for now it’s a long way to Starbucks!

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