Up for discussion: Is your Starbucks offering Decaf Iced Coffee?

I’ve heard people say (mostly through twitter conversation) that Starbucks is testing Decaffeinated Iced Coffee in the Northeast.  On Saturday June 18th, I was having a conversation with a twitter friend (Anthony) who happened to mention that he just got a Grande Iced Decaf Coffee.  I thought that was really interesting.  It is definitely not something that we have in Seattle.  To be totally honest here, I don’t know if this is seasonal or a permanent offering, or a regional offering in the Northeast … I am hoping some of my readers might know?  With his permission, I’ve attached a photo of his receipt showing the beverage.

He purchased his drink from the Starbucks in King of Prussia Mall.

King of Prussia Mall Starbucks #10171
609 West Dekalb Pike
King of Prussia, PA 19406

Decaf Iced Coffee is something that comes up over and over again as a repeat request on MyStarbucksIdea.com too:

So as I mentioned, I can’t say much about this topic because mostly what I know is guess work.  I was thinking that my readers might find this interesting too.  What do you think of the idea of Decaf Iced Coffee at Starbucks?  If anyone knows the 411 on this, please do tell!

Thank you again Anthony for sharing this info.

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  • Hayley

    I promise to send them along if Tucson is included! I still haven’t heard for absolute sure that any Tucson stores will be included, but Diele mentioned she read that it was ‘Arizona’ and not Phoenix like the minis…so I’m hopeful!

  • Diele

    It said the rtd/e refresher cans were ‘Arizona only.’ I would assume that includes the whole statement. My store just received their autoshipment. I would ask. =)

  • Michelle

    Diele, do you have the other Refreshers too or just the RTD&E ones? I am very curious about them, and have been ever since I first heard about them last year.

  • Diele

    We will have the two bar prepared refreshers(Cool Lime and Very Berry Hibiscus) as well as the canned option in the cold case. We received the stuff to make the refreshers, but not the cans yet. I plan to experiment as I was a fan of them plain.

  • Lisa C.

    Hi Melody,

    Actually, I read your blog all the time (and follow you on Twitter). This is just the first time I have commented :-) . Sadly, (or maybe not) my skinny mocha latte is not sugar free. I am diabetic and sugar free would allow me to have more than one in a day. However, I have tried making SF Mocha & Peppermint Mocha lattes at home. They were vile. My theory is this, Starbucks has the best syrups bar non. I don’t think we will see SF options until they can do them right (which is a good thing). I am hopeful, that they will be worth the wait.

  • Diele

    They were in a test market. That is why I asked since you said skinny mocha. The old sugar free mocha was disgusting. 2008 had to be the worst year for syrups.

    We didn’t receive the new iced coffee yet, so I have to wait until Wednesday.

  • kitenarie

    In what may be classified as the bummer of the day, NYT confirms that “Summer Blend” is Terraza…

    “On July 12, Starbucks will introduce Iced Coffee Blend, whole-bean coffee available in its stores for $13 for a pound. The blend, which is the same that Starbucks has used for years to brew iced coffee in its stores, has never been sold as a whole bean blend.”


  • denise r

    @ kitenarie: that is a bummer. would like to see Gazebo. never a BIG fave of mine but I liked it for a switch in the summer.
    AND, the NYT should start getting their facts straight. They absolutey DID sell Terraza as whole bean in the stores. Maybe 2 yrs ago? I don’t know when but I bought it, mostly for iced, never liked it too much, definitely not brewed as hot. I just found the remains of the bag of it in my fridge and tossed it a couple mnths ago! So I am 100% positive Terraza was sold as whole bean lbs in Sbux and I bought it.

  • Diele

    I have seen both sold since 2006. Last year we had terraza and it was packaged as Starbucks Iced Coffee. It has been a few years since Gazebo.

  • denise r

    We had Gazebo, as Gazebo, here last yr. (and for quite a few yrs before that) (Chicago)
    I did back up my memory on this with a couple different stores just now.

  • kitenarie

    We had Gazebo last year as well, but the packaging made the words “Summer Blend” more prominent than “Gazebo.” I was hoping that just meant they were rebranding the blend, but apparently not.

  • Melody

    To add to the massive confusion here, I just realized that Starbucks-Japan DOES have a coffee called “Gazebo Blend” this year. ?? What happened??? Is it now an international only offering or do they have some new blend of Gazebo like the Iced Coffee Blend. I am so confused.

  • Kaori

    Melody, what’s even more confusing is that we got the Iced Coffee Blend last month, too.

  • Jen

    When I tried to order an Iced Decaf the three baristas in my Starbucks looked at me like I was crazy and said they can’t because it is a health code violation. They said the only way was to give me hot coffee and a cup of ice and me do it myself. Although I can get an Iced Decaf Americano with no problem.

  • Blah

    I normally order iced coffee at Starbucks as its not as dehydrating as their regular. But the refills increase the caffeine level and make me hyper. So I decided today I will get the decaf version and guy at the counter asks me if I wanted iced as usual. I was like – “I didnt you guys do iced decaf”- but he had iced decaf.It tasted the same as regular iced coffee without the heart thumping.

    This Starbucks was on 90th st and 1st ave in Manhattan.

  • Diele

    Arizona market doesn’t have it and we only get like 1-2 requests a week for it. Perhaps we could have it as a summer offering. Honestly, I think a iced decaf americano is a great substitute and alleviates the waste of preparing and tossing decaf iced coffee.

  • Brandon


    Hi Jen, I work as a barista in a barnes and noble cafe which servers Starbucks coffee.
    I find it funny that they told you it was a health code violation. If they are just brewing decaf coffee in the proper coffee urn and just putting it over ice, there should be no problem. However the problem is the quality of the coffee: your coffee would be watered down and still warm due due to the high brewing temps. The reason why we can offer you Iced decaf americano, is that we use shots of decaf espresso which is still very hot but its in a small quantity and is stronger then your basic house coffee and won’t have the water downed taste.

    I hope this helps and clears any confusion!

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