Starbuckian Kombucha

Are you a fan of PhotoGrid_1483918112568 Starbucks KombuchaKombucha? Starbucks is exploring their own version of Kombucha. It’s a black tea made with ginger and Asian pear flavors, and it is fermented and served via a Nitro tap.

It’s a one-store test, so don’t expect to see this pop up at your neighborhood Starbucks soon. Still, the sheer fact that there is such a thing as a Starbucks Kombucha is interesting. I got to try it recently. It just launched in a Seattle test store last week. It’s very sweet and bubbly. I liked it! The Grande retails for $4.95 before tax.

Starbucks tests many more drinks, ideas, and concepts than what actually makes it to a national launch. Past tests like the Affogato Strato sound delicious but never made it to national launch. The Starbucks Pink Lime Frozt went through multiple rounds of testing before finally given the axe. Starbucks has tested things like whole bean coffee in big plastic containers too. The Melted Truffle Mocha also went through multiple stages of testing and thus far has never made it to a national launch.

Hope you get to try it soon too!

I don’t have a lot of information on this test. If you have better information, please let me know in the comments. I will edit and /or make corrections as I find out more information on this Starbucks Kombucha.

20170108_150400 Starbucks Kombucha signage

20170108_150547 Starbucks Kombucha from the nitro tap

20170108_150636(0) Starbucks Kombucha

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  • BatistaDave

    Which store is this?


    @batistadave 7th and Westlake in Seattle, WA
    also known as “PrimeBux” because it’s in an Amazon building.

  • CD

    interesting development – I hope this moves forward

  • Lisa Atkinson Waller

    This is very interesting. I’d be willing to bet if this goes well in this store we might see testing in other stores as well.

  • CD

    Off topic, but RIP Starbucks Evenings. =-(

  • Colin B.

    Nooooooo!! I love Kombucha, I wish I could try this product. I doubt it will ever make it to Texas. I surprised to see this at Starbucks though, making Kombucha is very labor intensive and requires lots of love.

  • Alicia

    Yes, agreed Colin. Kombucha takes a lot of labour to make, and I’d be wary of Starbucks’s process and ingredients. For instance, where would they get their SCOBY from? As well, kombucha is supposed to be naturally fermented, so there’s no need for a nitro tap- that seems to be the lazy way of doing it. I would rather support a local company who makes it properly

  • Lisa Ammen

    I just happened to brave this location yesterday.
    I was just as shocked as anyone.
    They were sampling a new flavor. Citrus Hops.
    As someone with a Kombucha habit I have to say both flavors are top notch. It is overpriced by about 1$ but that’s no surprise.
    I don’t see how it won’t go over well in the regional markets.
    We have a lot of local brewers but I honestly like that they thought to make their own. They may as well since they can.
    I’m not a big fan of the buck overall but I don’t understand why someone would think they didn’t make a “mother” or they don’t care enough to respect the process. It’s time consuming but I wouldn’t say it’s hard especially for a corp with that kind of muscle.
    They do still own Teavana…
    Also Kombucha on tap is a thing here… in other coffee shops and even in grocery stores… but that’s cuz we’re on the best coast.

    *sips tea*

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