This is another episode about Refreshers.  I still love them.  I still want them to launch nationally.  Just as a reminder, Refreshers are the delicious light drink that tastes a bit like a tea or a juice, but actually has green, unroasted coffee in them.  The two flavors are Very Berry Hibiscus, and Cool Lime.  There have been several rounds of Refreshers testing, and as I write this, they’re available only in limited areas of California (from San Diego up to about Stockton), and stores in Arizona, for a grand total of about 2000 stores.

I was just in California at the end of August, and had the chance to try them again.  In fact, I constantly ordered them.  Many of the stores I visited were sold out of the Berry flavor, which seems to have been the more popular flavor.   This Starbucks beverage  innovation is solidly two thumbs up.

Some readers may remember that one year ago I went to San Diego to try the Refreshers, which were a San Diego-only test item at that time:

Melody tries Refreshers

I’m not going to repeat that blog article here, rather I’ll just share a few Refreshers-related photos from this trip.  Maybe you’ll be enticed by them too!

^ That in-store signage was in many stores, and I even saw it at the airport Starbucks as I was leaving California.  That particular photo is from Starbucks store #5704 on Tustin Avenue, in Orange.

And at one point I got  a Trenta Very Berry Hibiscus just because I could:


It was really difficult to get a good photo of the menu boards listing the Refreshers.  Many menu board have lights shining on them that create a distracting glare.  Here’s one photo that seemed to come out pretty readable (and for the record, I took this picture at a store in Anaheim).

Here are two more photos of the actual drink.  This cool lime photo was taken at store #5704, and the very berry hibiscus was taken at a store in Anaheim (store 6561).


What do you think? Have you tried them?  Which is your favorite?  Most test products never launch nationally, but this one just might really make it.