The Coffee Gear Store is the merchandise store located at the Starbucks headquarters at 2401 Utah Avenue South in Seattle.  I’ve written about this store in the past, but it’s been a while, so I thought it would be nice to have an updated article of what’s new.  As a reminder, the Coffee Gear Store is open to the public, and is open Monday through Friday, generally normal business hours.  It’s closed weekends and holidays.

I dropped by this store today (January 26, 2012) because I was curious to see what was new since the last time I visited.  John, who works at the store, told me to keep an eye out for St. Patrick’s Day Starbucks shirts coming soon!  Apparently there will be a few holiday-themed t-shirts this year at the store, with production being less than 200 shirts for each of the holidays.  There will be a July 4th and a Christmas themed limited production shirt too.

I didn’t take photos of everything offered.  You can look back at the past article on this store and see a number of staple items which appear to be always offered, such as pens, highlighters, magnets, and key chains.  You can also purchase the simple black Starbucks polo shirt which is the coffee gear shirt designed for partners to wear in the stores.  I didn’t take a photo of that polo, but for partner information, those shirts are also available and are priced at about $23 each.  (There is a short sleeve and a long-sleeve basic black polo, and the long-sleeve is slightly more in cost, at about $25, as I recall.)

I thoroughly liked the new brightly colored lunch totes:

I noticed that you can now buy an iPad cover and/or a laptop case that says Starbucks on it.  It’s offered in black, and there is a bright green color too:





I have to point out the new white t-shirt and the Starbucks grocery tote.  I have two of the Starbucks grocery totes and use them often.  They’re a nice sturdy canvas material, and hold up well when piled full of groceries:

I am including a few more photos below of the store, and merchandise found inside.  What would you want to buy or wish they would carry? The funny thing was that today I tried to control my spending at the store, and walked away with one small bag, largely full of gifts for others.  I ended up wishing I’d bought more!



Edit on January 27, 2012:

I had originally written this article pretty quickly, and so now I’ve gone back and fixed a few typos.  I know there are definitely partners reading this site, and I wanted to mention that much of the merchandise above is available on the partner coffee gear website.  I have NOT been to that site, but I’ve been told (by several people) that U.S. partners can purchase merchandise from  I don’t think there is shipping to international destinations.  I had intended to mention that website, but completely forgot to! ~Melody