By request, I am starting a thread to talk about promotions which may (or may not!) be happening at Starbucks in February.  The two areas where I’ve heard murmurs of promotions relate to breakfast sandwiches and wraps, and whole bean coffee.


First off, I’ve seen a number of tweets which state that from January 30, 2012 through February 4, 2012, when you purchase any handcrafted beverage (or any brewed coffee) that a customer can buy a breakfast wrap or a breakfast sandwich for just $2.00.  Since I am a fan of the new Chicken Sausage Breakfast Wrap at Starbucks, this new promotion (sadly for just 5 days) sounds like a fabulous idea.


Secondly, in a previous thread, a partner suggested that there might be a “29 Star Dash” coming soon to promote whole bean coffee.  The idea, as I understood it, (and admittedly, I might not have gotten it right), would be that a customer must earn 29 stars on his or her card during the month of February.  After 29 stars have been earned, there will be a way to redeem them for a pound of whole bean coffee.  Since there are 29 days in February this year (leap year), I assume that the idea is to get people to go every single day to Starbucks.  Casi Cielo returns to Starbucks in February also, so the timing is perfect with the annual launch of that coffee.  READ THE EDIT BELOW PLEASE.

(Edit: In the comments there has been clarification regarding the 29 Star Dash.  This blog post has been through a number of edits in just the few hours that it has been up.  Thank you SO much to the many readers who responded, and the clarifying email.  The 29 Star Dash requires that the Starbucks customer receive an invitation email, and then upon earning 29 Stars, Starbucks will send the customer a $10 eGift Card.  There is a second 29 Star Dash that some people received which is a promotion for whole bean coffee.  I personally did not receive either promotional e-mail but hopefully some of my readers did, and/or will keep an eye out for it. )

This is another one of those threads that I might regret publishing, but it seems like an interesting conversation, and February isn’t that far away!  It would be easy to miss out on the first one because it lasts for only a few days!

And this is an open thread.  Feel free to talk about anything Starbucks-related. (Warning: I have not confirmed either of the two promotions with Starbucks.  There could be errors in the above information.)

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