February Starbucks promotion conversation: 29 Star dash and the $2.00 breakfast wrap with drink purchase

By request, I am starting a thread to talk about promotions which may (or may not!) be happening at Starbucks in February.  The two areas where I’ve heard murmurs of promotions relate to breakfast sandwiches and wraps, and whole bean coffee.


First off, I’ve seen a number of tweets which state that from January 30, 2012 through February 4, 2012, when you purchase any handcrafted beverage (or any brewed coffee) that a customer can buy a breakfast wrap or a breakfast sandwich for just $2.00.  Since I am a fan of the new Chicken Sausage Breakfast Wrap at Starbucks, this new promotion (sadly for just 5 days) sounds like a fabulous idea.


Secondly, in a previous thread, a partner suggested that there might be a “29 Star Dash” coming soon to promote whole bean coffee.  The idea, as I understood it, (and admittedly, I might not have gotten it right), would be that a customer must earn 29 stars on his or her card during the month of February.  After 29 stars have been earned, there will be a way to redeem them for a pound of whole bean coffee.  Since there are 29 days in February this year (leap year), I assume that the idea is to get people to go every single day to Starbucks.  Casi Cielo returns to Starbucks in February also, so the timing is perfect with the annual launch of that coffee.  READ THE EDIT BELOW PLEASE.

(Edit: In the comments there has been clarification regarding the 29 Star Dash.  This blog post has been through a number of edits in just the few hours that it has been up.  Thank you SO much to the many readers who responded, and the clarifying email.  The 29 Star Dash requires that the Starbucks customer receive an invitation email, and then upon earning 29 Stars, Starbucks will send the customer a $10 eGift Card.  There is a second 29 Star Dash that some people received which is a promotion for whole bean coffee.  I personally did not receive either promotional e-mail but hopefully some of my readers did, and/or will keep an eye out for it. )

This is another one of those threads that I might regret publishing, but it seems like an interesting conversation, and February isn’t that far away!  It would be easy to miss out on the first one because it lasts for only a few days!

And this is an open thread.  Feel free to talk about anything Starbucks-related. (Warning: I have not confirmed either of the two promotions with Starbucks.  There could be errors in the above information.)

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  • MCW

    I’m a 2-3 trips/week person, and I got the invite to the 29 star dash.

    But what I really commented for was to point out another promotion, albeit one for January– at the bottom of the “Lighter Roasts, Savory Breakfasts” email from Jan 21, there was a blurb about getting $5 when you used a Visa to set up autoreload on your card before Jan 31. (I’ve seen that promotion before, but never took avantage of it. Not sure how often they offer it?)

  • Katherine

    I bought the January tumbler for my dad and it wasn’t until yesterday that I asked him how he was enjoying his coffee (fixed income and my mom nagging him about caffeine makes this a treat, ha) and he said he gave up on the tumbler about 2 weeks in because of the quality :( He said it was just a leaking, gross mess.

    I still have my original (RED) tumbler that I use and have had no issues with it, so unfortunate that a new tumbler can’t even last 2 weeks.

    Oh, for what it’s worth, I finally brewed my Gold Coast. Still not my perfect coffee, but SO much better than the Italian.

  • DadCooks

    Happy :-) Happy :-) Joy 😀 Joy 😀

    Christmas Blend at my regular Starbucks today. After almost 6-weeks of Italian it tasted quite good. BTW at home I am still working on the boatload of Christmas Blend Espresso Roast I received as presents for Christmas from my friends(?) :roll: 😕 Next year I’ll have to be better with my hints 😉

    Opening crew problems at my regular Starbucks this morning (surprised it has not happened more with the short staff). So I had to be nice and uplifting (’nuff of that stuff for this week 😉 ).

    The SM asked why I was not using my 31 Free Tumbler, told her my tale (again) so she said she was so sorry and that other regulars had stopped using theirs’ due to the same problems. So she hit the “free code” for me and the other regular who was behind me with his condensate wrecked 31 Free Tumbler. So I treated myself to a cheese danish and put some extra in the tip jar (remember folks, carry some cash, it talks 😉 ).

    Well folks, off to making dinner. Comfort food tonight, salisbury steak with gravy, mashed potatoes, my special green beans, and peach cobbler.

  • Diele

    That sounds delightful. Too bad you don’t have Thanksgiving Blend to pair with it!

  • DadCooks

    @Diele — don’t tell anybody, but I do. :-)

    My “coffee cellar” has a few good “vintages” tucked away. Cool temps, steady humidity, and no light–works for wine, some beers, and coffee.

  • Diele

    That’s awesome! I would love to be able to do that.

  • Michelle

    Denise – Just a FYI the store orders their own breakfast sandwiches, so assuming they don’t underestimate their need you should have no problem getting your wrap during the promotion.

    I haven’t had a single customer complain about their 31 days tumbler. But, much like the SM at DadCooks’ store, I would certainly have give them their free coffee in another cup if they’d mentioned it. I still see our regulars bringing them in daily though.

    We had no Christmas Blend to brew through, so we’ve also had Italian on for an entire month. The customers were so happy to see Verona when it showed up last week and are even more excited about the Komodo Dragon we have this week.

  • purple1

    Dad Cooks I think your SM is wonderful to acknowledge your problems with the Jan tumbler the way she did. I wish the SM and the partners at my local SB did that. I have mentioned the problems on several occasions and all they could do was either laugh, say they were not surprised or just say nothing. BTW I did send off an email to the DM but so far as expected have not gotten a response (re the problems with the Jan tumbler).

  • merryncole

    My local store offered to replace my husband’s January tumbler if he brings it in.

  • Kat

    I, too, am extremely annoyed that I did not receive the email invite for the 29-star challenge. I use my Gold card at least 1-2 times per day. Really feels like a slap in the face!

  • Diele

    How’s everyone progressing that are a part of the offer? I should have 29 stars today. Truly wish everyone was invited.

  • Melody

    @Diele – I am thinking that very few people got the 29 Star Dash email. Late last year, when the “everything bagel” was new, there was a gold card coupon for it. And I have heard recently that there was the same kind of coupon for the birthday cake pop. I didn’t receive either of those. Congrats on your 29 Stars!! That’s a little less than one a day for you? It’s just nice to have some variety – a nice surprise of something different than yet another free beverage. I remember one year there was a coupon for a discount on merchandise during the holiday season.

  • Diele

    I didn’t get the petite coupon either. It was about 2 stars a day, 29 in 15 days. Pretty good since none were beverages since I get them free anyhow. I would love to see a coupon for the new food coming next month.

  • Diele

    Just received an email that a postcard will arrive in 4-6 weeks to redeem a free pound of coffee. Little disappointed I have to wait so long, I thought they could have offered it online to ship to our house. Very frustrating to say the least.

  • denise r

    I don’t mean to sound harsh but I really feel it is unfair to have offered the 29 *star* deal with the free lb of coffee at the end, to employees. seriously. ???

  • Hayley

    Oh I forgot about the 29 star dash! Congrats Diele for making it, and making it early! 😉 I wish I would have been invited to that! Oh well :( maybe they’ll offer it again.

  • Diele

    I wish I was offered the $10 card as I already get free coffee. I am a paying loyal customer as well, so I can see why they’d offer to partners. I’m a little agitated that it wasn’t offered to more customers, but I can understand that giving away thousands and thousands pounds of whole bean can be costy. I apologize that you weren’t invited, I feel bad I was. :(

  • denise r

    Maybe I should have written it differently about feeling that partners should’nt have been included, or chosen (I did not get the opportunity and as we all know….it all seems so random). IF partners are to be included, then include everyone. period. Partners already (as Diele pointed out) get free coffee and discounts. So…???
    Most contests and/or promotions have a condition (not Sbux.. other companies) that employees and members of their families etc., are excluded. So….. like all these ‘rewards’, I don’t get it.

  • Ashley

    If I purchased 2 drinks in a single transaction, does that count as 2 stars or just 1? I am trying to get to the 29 star mark and my account ony shows 28 stars for the month of February. I did miss 1 day, but I know at least 1 of the days I bought more than one drink. Do I have to have these cashiered as 2 seperate transactions to get 2 stars? Thanks!

  • Michelle

    Ashley – you get 1 star per transaction, no matter how large the transaction is. So, yes, if you’re looking to earn lots of stars you need to ring everything through separately.

  • Diele

    Still one more day left!

  • Juliet

    I got the invite to the 29 star dash.

    I am a 2X a day SBX person.

    So, it was easy.
    But, I just haven’t really heard back from them. I mean, I got my 29 stars on my iPhone App… but nothing lit up! No tilt, no phone calls or confetti.
    I’ll keep you posted,

  • Pat Dawson

    I just discovered this site. It’s pretty great. My real reason for stumbling into your conversation is, of course, the infamous 29 Star Dash. I was invited to the “Dash,” I registered, and have completed the dash. Actually, I completed it about 5 days ago. However, I have not received any word from Starbucks that I will receive anything. I know my invitation and registration was confirmed because I received several messages throughout the dash telling me that it was half way finished, then that there was only one week left. I hope Starbucks is waiting until February is over to contact the participants. I would hate to have done so much work for nothing. I mean, I go to Starbucks anyway, but this was a lot of dedication; a lot of separate transactions went on; and I even worked on it when I was on vacation. Please don’t let me down Starbucks.

  • Diele

    I received confirmation roughly 5-7 days after completing the dash. The 1lb whole bean coupon will take 5-7 weeks to come. A little frustrated that they are making us await a coupon that could be lost and/or stolen in the mail.

  • Pat Dawson

    Thanks “Deile”! I actually spent a few minutes looking at the other comments you made. I calculated that you completed the 29 Star Dash on February 15th or 16th (you posted on the 16th), then you received your email on, or around, February 22nd. I calculate that at about 5-7 days too. Sorry to seem like a lunatic stalker, but I just don’t want to have done the 29 Star Dash for nothing.

    I agree with your comment on the 5-7 weeks to wait for a card that gets lost in the mail. Maybe I’m paranoid, but I feel like so many of my free drink postcards get lost in the mail. I can’t tell you the last time I have received one, yet I always get an indication in my iPad app that I have earned 15 stars. I think my mailman is probably getting a lot of free Starbucks on me (this is, of course, an outrage!). I don’t know what to do. Why doesn’t Starbucks have a person presenting the free drink card, at least, present their Starbucks card or an ID? So sad.

  • Pat Dawson

    By the way, can anyone tell me how to personalize my avatar on this blog? I hate that little shadowy incognito figure.

  • Diele

    I would definitely call if you do not receive the postcard as that is ridiculous you aren’t receiving what you earned. I wish they would attach it through our card/account., but I know it sounds easier than it is.

  • Melody

    Hi Pat! Welcome to the blog! Im having computer problems right now, so I am not posting as much as I would like to.To get an avatar, you sign up and upload a photo to gravatar.com and then use that email address here. Hope that helps! Welcome again! Glad you like. :)

  • Pat Dawson

    By the way, I have still not received my email from Starbucks acknowledging that I completed the 29 Star Dash. Starbucks, why have you forsaken me?!

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