The Starbucks Community Service page has gone through a major overhaul – and it appears to be all major improvements!

Here’s the link that I want to highlight, and encourage you to join:

To be honest, I don’t know exactly when this change happened.  It’s significant enough that I thought I should point it out.  Just in terms of history, this is about the third incarnation of the Community Service page in a short time.  Back in 2008, there was a version based upon the V2V website platform – “Volunteer to Volunteer.”  I remember that site well, and liked it, but somehow it never garnered the strong attention that Starbucks wanted it to have.  That website is now long since defunct.  In 2010, Starbucks launched their own volunteering website for partners only.  That was based upon a partnership with Hands On Network.  Shortly after the 2010 version of the website launched, I wrote a blog article about it here: Starbucks launches a partner-only community service website.  Of course that old 2010 blog article is now out of date!  All the more reason that I need to write a new one.

The newest version of the Community Service website allows both a partner and a customer log in.  It appears that you can create a profile, and even “add friends.”  You can see that I haven’t had the chance yet to fill in my profile:

There are lots of things that I like about this new and improved community service page:  It is super easy to search for volunteering opportunities by either location or date.   Of course I love that there is both a customer and a partner component.  My bias is that Starbucks works best when we work together!  No matter what version of community service page Starbucks has, it works when people get involved, so yet one more reason I am asking my readers to log in, take a look around, and join in!

By the way, I think the last time I wrote about community service was in relation to the 5th of July Gas Works Park clean up project.  Every year, Starbucks partners and customers work together to clean up a large Seattle park on July 5th.

I have to thank Starbucks store manager Sherri Corwin for drawing my attention to this new website.  Her community service project is coming up next weekend, and she is still looking for volunteers, in case you’re reading this and want to help out in Ellensburg, Washington.

So once again, here’s the link:

Go get your hands dirty now! 😉