Starbucks will be launching the Trenta cup nationwide on March 6, 2012.  Granted, I have not verified this but I’ve heard this several times over.  Interestingly, I hear that Canada is not getting the Trenta yet.

The last time I wrote about the Trenta was back in January of last year.  I recommend going back and looking at that because I outlined the history of the Trenta cup’s development:

Starbucks introduces the 31-ounce Trenta on January 18th.

^That blog article was from 2011, and when I wrote it, I had heard that there would be a nationwide launch of the Trenta in May 2011.  I guess that didn’t happen!  It wasn’t unreasonable to think that the new size was supposed to launch everywhere by May 2011 – that had been reported in a number of major news sources.

And here’s the official Starbucks blog post on the Trenta cup (posted by Starbucks in January 2011):

It looks like March 6,2012 will be a big day at Starbucks: Tribute Blend, new petites including a cherry pie, and the Trenta cup!  Well, many parts of the United States already offer the Trenta cup, but it will be new in the Pacific Northwest.

Just as a reminder, this size is only for Iced Tea, Iced Coffee, and Iced Tea Lemonades.  For the Starbucks stores that offer the Refreshers, the Trenta size cup is available for the Refresher beverages too.

This is an open thread!  Talk about anything Starbucks-related.  Lately, I haven’t felt like I’ve had a lot to write about.  Well, if I ever do totally run out of things to write about, that’ll be the end of this blog.  😉  Thank goodness Starbucks always has something new around the corner.