Starbucks again tests the Frozts: Pink Lime Frozt and Coconut Lime Frozt

About one year ago, I wrote a blog post reviewing the Pink Lime Frozt beverage, which was in an early testing phase.  That test lasted just the summer season in a small area of California (as well as a small area of Michigan) and then was removed from their menu.  That’s a classic test:  Try a new product out in a couple of geographies for a little while and see how it goes.

As of early May this year, the Pink Lime Frozt has now entered a second stage of testing.  From the comments in the previous blog post, it is clear there are two Frozt beverages now:  Pink Lime Frozt and Coconut Lime Frozt.  By the way, when I tried the Pink Lime Frozt back in July 2011, I had heard that there were a couple of small variations of the recipes being tested.  It could be that the new May 2012 Pink Lime Frozt has again had recipe tweaks.  The Coconut Lime Frozt is new, and was not part of the July 2011 testing.

Also from tweets and the comments in the previous blog post, it appears that the new 2012 Pink Lime Frozt and the Coconut Lime Frozt are being tested in Dallas (and its suburbs); Atlanta, Georgia (and its suburbs); San Jose, California; and possibly parts of San Diego, California.

I haven’t had the chance to try the new Frozts, though I wish I could!  Feel free to weigh in on how you like them.  What do you think of these new beverages?

Thank you so much to my regular readers who sent these great photos!

(By the way, if you like reading about Starbucks tests, there are more here.  Keep in mind, very few tests actually get to the point of a national launch.)


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  • Adrea

    Visiting in-laws in Atlanta, we just left the pool and my mother-in-law ran up to grab a couple of the coconut-lime frozt and it is delicious! Perfect non-alcoholic refreshment for after the sun!

  • Melody

    I have heard that this test just ended – The Frozt test ended to coincide with the beginning of the Refreshers launch scheduled for July 10th. By the numerous comments in this thread, looks like many will miss the Frozts!
    Does anyone know, is there a replacement test starting somewhere? Thanks.

  • BEE

    i absolutely love these drinks! wish they did the testing nationwide!

  • Carl Black

    Was in a store (#8243) this morning, and there was no indication this test had ended. Items were still on the regular menu, and there was a standee-like promo piece between the door and the register.

  • Carrie

    I tried them when I was visiting San Jose in May (I didn’t realize they were a test only thing and when I went back to VA, I was surprised they didn’t have them, nor had heard anything about them). I tried the Coconut Lime one, although the first time I tried it they were out of lime and had to sub lemon. The barista was nice and offered to make me another drink if I didn’t like it. I loved that one! It tasted like a non-alcoholic margarita and was very refreshing when it’s hot out. I went to another Starbucks and ordered it again later in my trip, but was not as impressed with the actual lime version! I actually like the lemon flavoring better! I was sad they didn’t bring it out nationwide.

  • Cres Clay

    I’m a barista at a non-test store. We can see these test drink in the POS system, but have no access to the recipes. We would like to try them. Can anyone helps us out?

  • Bruce G

    DANG !! I didn’t realize that this was a test item either…

    I ran down to Starbucks at lunch today and DRAT, DRAT and DOUBLE DRAT !!
    I was looking forward to another Coconut-Lime Frozt !!

    This one is a keeper !

  • Sasha

    I had it in ga and loved it got back to ny and couldn’t find them. They need to come here

  • Michelle

    I went to NY last weekend and couldn’t find my favorite Summer drink, the Pink Lime Frozt. When I returned to Atlanta, a Barista told me that this was only a test drink. I hope that Starbucks brings the drink back to Atlanta. We’ve had a really hot Summer and this was the perfect drink to cool off.

  • Da'Neille

    Amazing! Had the coconut lime frozt in TX came to Oklahoma and was disappointed
    They had not heard of it. I was majorly disappointed! Perfect for the summer and
    Refreshing! Definitely a keeper!

  • Torrie

    I had the pink lime frozt here in MI and it was awesome!!! They have to bring it back!!

  • Anne Spurrier

    I am absolutely hooked on the coconut lime frozts! I hope they continue to offer them. They are a nice drink for hot days and not as sweet or heavy as a frappacino.

  • Lurch

    We were in Dubai end of July and they had the Coconut Lime Frotz almost every day as it tasted realy awesome. Does anybody know the recepies? I mean they use only Monin sirup and I watched the guy doing the coco lime but did not note it down. Anybody out there who watched closely?

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