The Apple Crumble Frappuccino launches in Starbucks Poland on September 4th!

Fall 1 – Poland:

Let’s take a quick look at the fall promotional beverage for Starbucks Poland, starting tomorrow, September 4, 2012.

One of my blog’s regular readers is a partner in Poland who has often written me via email, but doesn’t leave blog comments.  Starbucks Poland launches their fall lineup on September 4, 2012.  Something of great interest to me was that Poland will be launching the Apple Crumble Frappuccino!

Some of you might remember that the Apple Crumble Latte and Frappuccino were “test” items about one year ago in North Carolina, and a limited number other locations.  And if you’re wondering what this delicious-sounding Frappuccino looks like, here are a couple of photos, straight from Warsaw to you:

Also on the topic of beverages, the partner in Poland writes, “European stores also start to offer Ristretto Bianco or Flat White, depends on country.”

This is particularly interesting also since the Ristretto Bianco was briefly offered as a “test” item in early 2011, in Portland, Oregon and a few other U.S. locations.

For the foodies out there, Starbucks Poland also will launch three new treats tomorrow.  There will be chocolate covered almonds, chocolate covered hazelnuts, and chocolate covered cherries.  These look good! I am officially jealous now!


While this is just a short little blog post, I thought it was incredibly interesting that Starbucks has come back to the Apple Crumble Frappuccino again.  I have actually heard that it was indeed offered a number of international markets last year, including Japan.  It is highly likely that other countries in addition to Poland will be launching this beverage.

Perhaps there is still hope that it will come to the United States.

What do you think? Would you drink an Apple Crumble Latte or an Apple Crumble Frappuccino?

(Just a quick edit on the morning of September 4, 2012: Hungary, Czech Republic, and the Netherlands. The snacks shown above are not new but they are in fact exclusive to Starbucks stores in Poland.)

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  • BCav

    As a huge lover of apple pie, this sounds like such a delightful beverage.

    Please, oh please, Starbucks Gods- Make this available in the US! Or, at least, TX will be a willing “test market”!

    Now- to look up flights to Poland!!!

  • Pencil to Paper

    This sounds delicious! I feel like I’d like it as a Frappuccino more than a latte, but I’d happily try both. I hope they bring it to the US soon, or at least test it somewhere close to me like with the Frozts. 😉

  • Jacky

    The chocolate covered almonds, hazelnuts and cherries sound absolutely mouth-watering! Hey Melody, any idea as to why these products – including the Frappuccino – have not been offered stateside? I understand when certain items might be culturally influenced – like McDonald’s red-bean burger in Japan (don’t know if it’s still offered) – but I think there’s a market for those Starbucks products you’ve mentioned. I’d certainly buy it!

  • Amanda

    Anything “apple crumble” sounds absolutely delicious! Bring it to the states please!

  • Ciarán

    They’ve always had flat whites in Ireland ! They are lot stronger than lattes but only come in short size and are now my fave drink, the cups are really awkward though ! Hope that frappucino comes here too!!!

  • Viktor

    UK, Ireland and Australia got Flat White earlier. Now it’s time for other countries.
    I wonder what’s the recipe for FW. Do they use regular espresso or ristretto? And double or single?

  • Cd

    The flat white/ristretto Bianco is right up my alley – size and all. Wish it would come to the US.

  • Lis

    Yum! I’m way jealous! I’d definitely love to try the apple crumble frappacinno! It sounds SO good! Those chocolates look delicious as well!

  • Lena

    Stores in New Zealand have also started offering the ristretto bianco, alongside flat whites and lattes, I’m still yet to try one.

  • Melody

    @Lena – I think it’s so interesting to hear what beverages are launching internationally. I didn’t know that the Ristretto Bianco is now in New Zealand. Thank you for weighing in!

    @CD – I just don’t see the Ristretto Bianco ever really working in the US as it is intended: a very small authentic beverage. The problem is this: If this beverage were launched in the US, it seems like Americans only know how to say, “How big can I get that?” and pretty soon you’d have tons of people trying to order a Venti White Mocha Half-Caf 3 Splenda Ristretto Bianco – You might have some interesting beverage but you’d never really have the kind of beverage that the Ristretto Bianco was intended to be.

    In the alternative, Starbucks could have a promo where they try to educate customers on how good having a Ristretto shot is, and then the customers could add one more layer of customization to their favorite beverages. if all that makes sense….

  • Cd

    @Melody – I agree. I think a lot more customers prefer the larger sizes and the drinks with whipped creme and flavors. But I do think the market is big enough to have a few recipes trained and on hand for simpler drinks like the Ristretto Bianco and even the old double shot. Those drinks don’t require any special ingredients but would serve a different crowd.

    On the subject of ristretto, several years ago before the verisimos were launched, Starbucks had a your drink your way campaign that pushed/introduced the concept of Ristretto shots.

  • Viktor

    You can always order Flat White or Ristretto Bianco at you local Starbucks. Just ask for double espresso or ristretto shots with whole milk and in a small coffe cup, and if they don’t have one in a short mug.

  • CD

    @Viktor – thanks, I’ll do that.

  • Taylor

    I would love to try the apple crumble latte!! Oh, it is making my mouth water!

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