I found this Tiazzi Starbucks signage on eBay, and gladly snatched it up.  I previously wrote at length about the history of Tiazzi blended beverages and Starbucks, so I won’t repeat that here.  If you want the Tiazzi history lesson, take a look at this past article:

This Tiazzi poster is so interesting.  It is again (like the first one featured in the link above) somewhat impressionistic-ally stylized.  The male figure in the poster appears to be holding some sort of Mocha Frappuccino.  Notice that his straw is not green!  Well, it appears to be an off shade of green. The female figure is looking at him with a pretty wild expression in her eyes!  I assume she is holding some kind of Tiazzi blended beverage.  And I like the catch phrase, “For the many intermissions of summer.”

As I have said many times on this site, old Starbucks posters are great Starbucks history lessons, and I like being able to feature them here.  Hope you enjoyed this look back at Starbucks marketing of yesteryear too.