Marshmallow Mocha, anyone?

Starbucks is testing a “Marshmallow Mocha” right now!  It’s only a small test at this stage, but I think it sounds interesting.  A reader of this blog sent me some photos of the signage at his neighborhood Starbucks for this new test beverage.  Sounds very interesting!  On, people often do request “marshmallow” as a flavor option.  Just as an example, here is one of the marshmallow syrup ideas at

By the way, if you like reading about the things that Starbucks tests, please browse the Starbucks tests category on this site.  Starbucks tests many more beverages and products than what actually makes it to a national launch.

So I want to know … would you order a Marshmallow Mocha at Starbucks?


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  • kate

    that actually sounds like it might be good! are they testing it up there in seattle?

  • Chgo.

    Why the Mocha before the Hot Chocolate? It makes me want to say Duhh!!!!

  • Kaori

    Yes, please! That sounds really good! I would definitely ask for extra marshmallows 😀

  • elly

    actualmarshamllows,orsyrup, i wonder?

    and yes, myspacebar isbroken.

  • bmommyx2

    sounds like it might be yummy

  • Becca

    Yummmmmm. Can any partners tell us the ingredients???

  • Samantha

    Sounds totally delicious!! I’d definately try it!! Where are they testing this at???

  • Kelsey

    I never really get too excited about the things Starbucks tests, but this sounds amazing! Caribou Coffee has one of my absolute favorite drinks, a campfire mocha, which is very similar to this. Really hope Starbucks rolls this out nationwide!!

  • MCW

    Marshmellow foam sounds heavenly! Where are the test markets?? @Kelsey– I, too, am a big fan of Caribou’s campfire mocha– dark chocolate, please!

  • Becky E

    I would be interested in trying this if it’s marshmallow creme and not little marshmallows. It does sound a little like Caribou’s campfire mocha but I’ve never tried that one because of the marshmallows. And I agree with MCW, Starbucks definitely needs to bring in a dark chocolate. I love caribou’s dark chocolate mocha!

  • purple1

    Ok here I go again- I would not try this drink because of the marshmallows and they are probably not vegetarian marshmallows. BTW I did see this morning the new turkey panini in the case.

  • Rachel Carter

    Yes! I would love to try it however no matter how much I liked it unless they came out with a Sugar-Free version that was acceptable I would not be able to drink it on a regular basis. Still that doesn’t change the fact that I would in fact want to try it. Toasted marshmallow would be even better.

  • Marnie Byod

    Wow! the marshmallow syrup ideas is really cool.
    I wanna taste that new flavor.

  • Rebecca

    I think this would be too sweet for me, but I love the idea of marshmallow foam. And I think this would totally bring me back my childhood camping memories.

  • Phil

    As I understand, just these 3 stores right now. All in Everett, WA. The first location is open 24hrs!

    3621 Broadway
    Everett, WA 982015027
    United States

    Murphys Corner/Frd Myr (right next to Fred Meyer, NOT inside)
    12906 Bothell-Everett Hwy
    Everett, WA 982086688

    132nd & Seattle Hill Rd – Snohomish
    4809 132nd St SE
    Everett, WA 982086241

  • Hayley

    I can’t believe I haven’t weighed in on this yet! Marshmallow mocha sounds good! One of my favorite ice creams as a child was chocolate marshmallow and this would be reminiscent of that. :) I definitely don’t think I could drink it everyday, their mochas are always very rich to me, but this would be awesome to try!

  • Allie

    I surely would!! But even faster would be my daughter getting it on her hot coco. All they need to do is push graham crackers and we have s’mores!!


  • kitenarie

    OK, so, when I worked at Barnes & Noble in the cafe, we had a Toasted Marshmallow Mocha. I don’t know if Starbucks was using BN as a proving ground for it or if it was one of those things that BN just sometimes does on its own, but it was made with the mocha sauce, a toasted marshmallow syrup (so, I doubt the worry about being vegetarian was an issue), whipped cream, and graham cracker crumbles. It was delicious.

    That said, this one says something about a marshmallow foam. Could be interesting. Are they similar? Unknown. Would I try it? TOTALLY.

  • elly

    all in everett? those lucky people! it would take me over an hour to bus/train up there…almost worth it!

    and, my space bar seems to have mysteriously fixed itself, which makes me happy. i was not very happy with the idea of needing to send my laptop in for repair.

  • @shallowabyss

    Yum! Would be a nice treat. However it seems like sbux drinks keep getting sweeter and sweeter.

  • Melody

    Elly, I understand! The Marshmallow Mocha is in assorted stores in Everett. What a pain to get to. You could miss it if you didn’t know which one. I know a specific store in Everett that has it, and it would fully be an all day adventure by bus. I had thought about renting a car and doing that today, but I woke up with a chest cold, and I am staying home and doing nothing today. I am definitely getting sick. I hate that!

  • Becky E

    Melody, drink plenty of tazo and/or teavana teas while you feel sick. I can’t drink coffee much when I feel like that but the teas are great. Feel better soon.

  • Melody

    @BeckyE – Thanks – I have been drinking a ton of tea today!

  • Tim

    Hello Melody, and all!

    Do anybody like Hazelnut Macchiato as an addition to the menu lineup? I heard the rollout is coming soon.

  • Melody

    @Tim – I have heard about the Hazelnut Macchiato, and I know that some stores are alaredy getting in their Hazelnut Sauce for that beverage. I haven’t tried it yet.

  • LatteRose

    That’s something I would try! Sounds good for a cold, grey day.

  • Coffeebucks

    Here in Australia we have marshmallows as a standard topping for mocha, or hot chocolate. I am curious to see this as a syrup though, i’ll have to try first!

  • Aaron White

    Betcha that’s the same store I got all of mine at during the test. Broadway?

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