On this lazy Sunday afternoon (February 2, 2013), I dropped by the Pine Street Starbucks, as I did a few errands during the day.  I ordered a “Tall Vanilla Latte.”  Christina took my order, and little did I know at that moment, she was decorating my cup.

As I waited for my drink, I watched the bar barista working.  I knew that I knew him, but something seemed totally different.  Yes, it was his hair.   It had been cut shorter, and was much lighter.  I stepped up to the bar area, said ‘hello,’ and asked Kyle, “Is your hair different?”  Sure enough, it was shorter and lighter.  I complimented him, as I do think he looks very good as a platinum blonde!

My beverage was nearly done.  He handed it off to me, putting the lid on in front of me, and said, “Have a Grand-Day!

I laughed!  Very cute.

I thanked him for the latte, and said, “Thanks a Latte!

To which he replied, not missing a beat, “You’re Soy Welcome!

I laughed.  Maybe this happens to everyone, but that’s actually the first time I have had that conversation with a barista!

Thank you Pine Street Starbucks for incredibly friendly baristas.


I wrote the above snippet on February 2, 2013.  I didn’t publish it because I thought my readers wouldn’t be interested in one random conversation at a Starbucks.  Then, today I saw this photo in my Facebook stream.  It is the same store!  I swear, the partners at Pine Street Starbucks really look like they have a lot of fun!  Pink towels!