IMAG4244 Maria at Starbucks store 101 on 18 March 2013The Starbucks barista featured in this photo is Maria.  I took this yesterday, as she was making a Cool Lime Refresher for me.  Yesterday, Maria said to me, “Melody, I have a bone to pick with you.”  I kid you not.  Those were her very words.  Thankfully, she was still smiling ear to ear.  She said, “You took all those pictures of our store, and you didn’t put the pictures of me in the blog article!”  (See Columbia Tower blog article.)

It was true!  The allegations were true!  I had taken pictures of Maria, and then when it came time to put together the article, I had so many that I didn’t use her pics.  She is a great partner, and I love seeing her.

Maria, this is a great candid picture of you. I hope you are reading this! Now you are featured! 🙂



Disqus comments.

I have updated my comment system to Disqus.  I thought it would be easier for people to comment via Twitter (follow me on Twitter!) or Facebook.  I am noticing some quirks and hiccups.  First off, the side bar recent comment plug-in seems to have stopped updating.  This is definitely a problem.  I think a lot of people do glance there to see what’s new in the comment conversations.  At least I check that regularly.  Also, the system should auto-approve everyone where they’ve had one initial comment allowed, but this doesn’t seem to be happening.  Comment Luv plug in is gone – though that’s the least of my worries.  And the 20,000 comments that were on this blog previously are still missing.

Oh my!  We will get through this!  Please check the actual comments regularly.  I am hoping to get as many bugs fixed as quickly as possible.  A friend (Brad) is helping me work on the blog, and I am very appreciative of his work.

Feel free to talk about anything Starbucks-related or blog-related in this thread.