Sweden – A Starbucks in the Train Station.

In case I haven’t mentioned it, I like receiving emails with lots of photos of a beautiful Starbucks store.  It’s really fun to see what Starbucks is doing around the world.  I realize that I am not going to get to all of these amazing places, and so I am thankful when you bring them to me.

And I am reminded of a quote I heard about Starbucks once.  Unfortunately, I have been Google-ing like crazy and I can’t find the exact quote, or where I heard it, but as I recall, the lore is about one executive talking to Howard Schultz about having opened up many Starbucks stores.  The gist of the quote was this:

We haven’t opened up thousands of  Starbucks.  We have opened up one Starbucks thousands of times.”

My apologies that I don’t have the quote verbatim, nor the exact attribution.  But, I leave you with that thought.  To me, it means that you find a piece of 1912 Pike Place Starbucks in every Starbucks you visit, and there is consistency in knowing you will meet friendly baristas, and have a great beverage. What does it mean to you?

And now for a few photos from a Starbucks in Sweden, in the Malmö Central Station:

image-12 Mugs from Sweden May 2013I saw this photo and thought how great it would be to have a Sweden icon mug for my collection!  The sturdy mug with the yellow interior definitely caught my attention!  I really do like this ‘global icon’ series of coffee mugs, which are slowly being phased out in favor of the ‘You Are Here’ series of coffee mugs.

image-11 Malmö Sweden train station Starbucks May 2013 Front entranceimage-10 Malmö Sweden train station Starbucks May 2013 lobbyimage-9 Malmö Sweden train station Starbucks May 2013image-8 Malmö Sweden train station Starbucks May 2013image-7 Malmö Starbucks SwedenIf you enjoy looking at Starbucks all over the world, I recommend you peruse some of the older blog articles on this site, now a couple of years old.  Reader Sebastian Birr had emailed me these great photos of Starbucks in Instanbul, which still amaze me how beautiful they are.  This too is a very old article, but the Starbucks store featured in it, in Mexico, looks like a wonderful place to relax with a cup of coffee.  A few years ago, a friend of mine went on a vacation to Aruba and took these great pictures.  Who wouldn’t want a Starbucks right on the water?  And more recently, a reader emailed in these great photos of a Starbucks in Copenhagen.

And by the way, I will definitely feature U.S. Starbucks stores too!  About two months ago, I received an email full of stunningly great pictures featuring a Starbucks in Atlanta, Georgia!  I know that some partners still are unsure of the Starbucks photo policy.  The Starbucks photo policy has become extremely friendly towards photos in stores – you can take pictures inside a store.  From what I recall, the policy began to go through a major overhaul about the same time that Starbucks Instagram took off.  In any case, to be clear, at the moment I am referring to the U.S. policy about photos in stores.  I’m not sure what the international policies are.  I talked about the details of the Starbucks photo policy in this article about a Clover Starbucks in Denver.