If you’re in Tacoma, Washington, you finally have a Starbucks that is a Clover store offering the Reserve lineup of coffees.  Finally.  The first Clover landed in Seattle in roughly November or December 2007.  (I discovered it in January 2008).  It’s long overdue.  Five years after Seattle got its first Clover, Tacoma now one.  It’s the 26th & Proctor location, in Tacoma’s North End neighborhood.

2602 North Proctor
Tacoma, Washington 98407
253 756 1859

I had occasion to drop by on June 1, 2013 – it was busy, so I didn’t take all that many photos.  It’s a small store, in a cute neighborhood.  I ordered an iced Willow Blend from the Clover, and asked the partners there how long they’ve had their Clover.  They indicate that it has been in the store about one week.  The store is still in the process of undergoing a major remodel.  It’s not quite finished yet!  There is a huge blank wall upon entering the store, which apparently is scheduled to receive a mural on it.  So here are just a few photos, but really I just wanted to announce this Starbucks’ major remodel and Clover addition.  I may have to go back again after the remodel is all over, and feature the store again!

07085 Tacoma Starbucks 01 June 201307088 Starbucks Clover store Tacoma 26th and Proctor - 01 June 2013IMAG5301 Bar seating Tacoma Starbucks 01 June 201307083 Tacoma Starbucks 01 June 2013 - ExteriorIMAG5300 - Clover area - Starbucks 26th and Proctor - 01 June 2013