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I’m slowly trying to write as many store reviews as possible about Starbucks locations with Clover brewers.  Next up, the Renton Village Starbucks, which is located just south of Seattle.  I dropped by this store recently (June 25, 2011), and decided to take a few pictures and check it out.  Here’s the address to the this store:

Starbucks store #374
601 South Grady Way #E
Renton, WA
(425) 227 9262

I arrived at about 12:15 in the afternoon, and the store was pretty busy.  There was a steady flow of customers the entire time I was there, so I ended up not taking very many photos.  This store has had a Clover since August 2008, and seems to be a hub of activity for south King County.  It has been a long while since I visited this store.  I remember dropping by shortly after the Clover was installed just to see it, and so I think it has been a couple of years since my last visit.

The partners were friendly, and I noticed that they had a sign up featuring the “partner of the month.”  I’ve always thought that was a nice touch for stores.  Great partners should get center stage!  The partner of the month was “Tracy.”  Congrats Tracy!

While I was visiting, I noticed a father and son playing checkers and drinking some beverages, nearly the entire time I was there.  It would have been a very cute photo, however I didn’t want to take a photo of them for obvious reasons.

For those who are interested, this store first opened brand new on March 11, 1995.  It’s a great store now, but it is not one of the newer LEED-registered “repurposed materials” style store designs.  I wonder if this store will be getting a major remodel anytime soon.

Here are a few more pics of this store.  Feel free to weigh in!


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  • Sebastian

    What a nice little store…I like these various kinds of chairs and tables that are placed in the store.

    I notice that many “old” stores get the new LEED design over the last months…even in Germany Starbucks remodels a few stores with the new design.

  • purple1

    Looks like a store with a lot of space and community feeling. And I agree Melody that it would be nice to return to the partner of the month as well as customer of the month. I also enjoyed hearing the father/son hanging out together. Makes me feel this store welcomes those that are not just using their computer. Thanks.

  • Michelle

    This is the same design concept that’s in my store! Although, those big striped chairs? We replaced those last year with leather chairs, the fabric on them was so stained we couldn’t get it clean. The layout is very different but the tiles on the floor and the backsplash behind the counter, the colours and the furniture is all the same is what I have. Neat! They must’ve had a renovation about 5 years ago, my store will be 5 years old in the fall.


    Those are very interesting Via shakers. Also, I like the Clover sign because its nice and big.

  • Annop

    Hi Melody, look forward to read your next review at U Village Store. I think I saw Clover brewer there too.

  • Melody

    @BostonStarbucksRebel – Sharp eye! Now I see what you’re seeing. Looks funny. @Annop – You just gave me a chuckle! Well, I don’t have a U Village blog post planned right now, but I will make a point of getting there very soon for you! That’s going to be a store that I will have to visit super early in the morning because it’s ALWAYS busy.

  • camspi

    Awww. I love the checkers playing son and father! Playing checkers with your dad or grandparent is one of those memories that sticks with you. :)

    Also, what a weird place to put the Madelines and shortbread cookies. lol. Scootch them just a bit closer to the register.

    But looks like a nice store that’s providing legendary service! WTG!!!

  • denise r

    We have had a couple of those VIA shakers at our store…..but not sure about all those colors! and also the fabric chair-issue. Mostly around here they’ve all been changed out now..and replaced with some kind of leather or leather-like material that is easy to keep clean. I never really cared for those ‘big comfy chairs’ except when they were brand new…they got so dirty so quickly. and seemed impossible to clean. (not to mention that lots of people are really inconsiderate slobs with food and drink spilling and even putting their feet up in an empty chair. yuk:(
    I have always really liked the high chairs up at a counter-type thing, as we see here. One of my fave stores still has it, facing out the front. My oldest neighborhood store DID have that and took it all out when they re-modeled (~10yrs ago)..when they first started adding this ‘living rm type’ furniture. (maybe more than 10 yrs, maybe 15?)

    and, I too like the little added touch about the boy and his dad ? playng checkers. that’s so cool and beats the hell out of any video or elctronic game. I used to play with my dad, up until he was in his 90’s. :) He absolutely could beat ANYONE, always. miss that. (miss him)

  • Nob

    That’s like a pilgrim, I have the place that I must visit by all means every year. For example, it’s SSC and 1912Pike and 1st & Pike and 15th, etc.. Oh, and Melody’s condo. Haha.
    This Renton Village Starbucks is one of those.
    When I visited the store two years ago, I took photos with all partners who were in the store. They were very friendly. Also I took photos with their family whom there was in the store.
    I love the such communication. The good communication leads to good communication. There is the good communication in the place selling excellent coffee. 😀 😀 😀

  • Kate

    Love this store! it’s so cute! I wish there was a clover store in my area. Traveled two hours for some kona by clover once!

  • Stephen Collins

    My wife and I moved to Renton a year ago and I just discovered this store today. I am so pumped to find a Clover store so close to home. I thought the only one was the Pike store in Seattle. They also have some great Reserve coffees, including Jamaican Blue Mountain which they just got in last month…my favorite coffee in the world! This has instantly become my favorite store.

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