IMAG6097 Federal Way signI was driving north on I5 today, having picked up my old 1993 car from a mechanic pretty far south of Seattle.  I pulled off the freeway at exit 142, which is Federal Way, a city south of Seattle.  I knew there is a Del Taco location right off that exit, and I planned a visit there for my new blog.  (Please “like” my new blog!)

My phone was nearly dead. (And there were not outlets at Del Taco).  I realized that there was a Starbucks nearby, so I drove there, ordered a Refresher, and sat there to charge up the phone. I got a survey receipt at the register – thank you Alisa and Julie who helped me!  Both were friendly!

I sat there way too long, as my phone seems to charge very slowly.  I think something might be wrong with it.  Time for a new phone already!  Grrrr.

While I was there, I noticed a wall sign that I thought was so cool!  I really want to point it out, and it is the reason for this blog post.  I like evocative words.  Starbucks used to do a lot of that kind of thing.  This one is awesome. Here’s what the sign says:

Vacation days, fall leaves,
playing hooky,
the first page of a book,
writing about it,
a moment alone,
a moment with friends.
A cup, a sip, a sigh,
“Does it taste like berries?
Does it taste like Chocolate?
Does it taste like wood?
Does it taste like cinnamon?”
She questioned.
“It tastes like home,” he replies?
What do you do when you are here?
Linger, Sip,
talk, meet, sit,
think, work,

And, after being mad at myself for wasting too long trying to charge my phone, I decided to go.  (I was really impatient with my phone.)  I finished my Cool Lime Refresher, and then asked for an iced Passion Tea as a refill. Dylan was at the register.  I know that the refill policy does confuse some baristas now and then. Dylan didn’t blink an eye.  I was almost a little surprised, and so I questioned him about how well he knew the refill policy, and with a voice of confidence he replied, “Oh I know the refill policy.”  I will take him at his word!

This Starbucks is located at 1404 South 348th Street, M101, Federal Way, Washington.  (253) 927 0593.

Hope you enjoyed this very short and random store visit!

IMAG6100 Federal Way Starbucks store 9302 Interior sign