I saw something on the Starbucks Facebook page yesterday that really struck my eye.  It was a post about a Los Angeles-area partner named Riki Yamada.  Every Facebook page has a “posts by others” section, and I think that’s often the most interesting area to browse.  (My own Facebook page has it too).

Here’s the post:

Untitled-1 Riki Yamada(If you click onto that above image, it will be larger.)

So when I saw that post on Facebook, here’s the random array of thoughts that went through my head:

  • ‘Hey that’s Riki Yamada! I know him!’
  • ‘Proof that many customers like sunshiny partners – Riki is that all the time! I have met him!’
  • ‘Proof positive that it’s a very small Starbucks world.  I am amazed how I can stumble upon Facebook posts talking about partners I know when there are something like 200,000 partners.’

I have known Riki Yamada from Twitter since about when I first started on Twitter, in 2008.  At one point he was working at a drive-through store in Orange County, and I swung by and met him in person when I was on a trip home to California.

I wonder if others reading this also have that feeling, or think, ‘It’s a small Starbucks world – I know that person!‘?

Congrats to Riki for making a customer’s day so much so that she shared about it on Facebook!

(If you are interested, I have a category called “Spotlight on Partners” which is more articles where I’ve highlighted specific partners.)