I recently received this super cute photos to share here! So adorable! Starbucks partner Alyssia says that her girls love to play “Barista.” Alyssia says, “My girls are always asking for details about my job, coffee, and as my youngest says, “The inside scoop on the ‘Bux Business.” I can hardly get their attention for longer than a minute, but the second I mention anything work related, they’re glued. I love it!

You gotta tell me you thinks these pics are adorable too.:)

1 - 1 - image1 kids playing barista1 - 1 - image2 kids playing barista

On a separate topic, a Starbucks store manager in Orange County, California is working on developing her lettering skills. I think this looks great. She’s a store manager whom I’ve met in person a number of times. She said that she decided to use quotes from Onward to practice her lettering:

12688259_10101759311946668_5473915618650657956_nI love it!



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