January Refillable tumblerOne week from today, you’ll be able to buy a tumbler from Starbucks that allows you to refill it in January with espresso beverages.  The tumbler officially goes on sale the day after Thanksgiving, offered that Friday at a sale price of $65.00.  The price goes up to $75.00 after that day.  The official press release is here: Starbucks Invites Customers to Share the Spirit of the Season.  (I’ve heard stories of stores putting the tumbler out early, but it is not supposed to be available until the day after Thanksgiving.)

I’ve had a number of people Facebook message me, or email me about this tumbler, so I thought that would put a spotlight on it.  Everyday in January, you can refill this tumbler with your favorite Grande-sized espresso beverage, including seasonal holiday beverages, such as the Gingerbread Latte, Eggnog Latte, and more.  As I understand it, you’re only supposed to get one free drink each day with this tumbler.

When discussing this with Starbucks partners, I haven’t gotten a clear answer about whether you can get Clover-brewed coffee free in the tumbler.

When you are making your plans for the Friday after Thanksgiving, now you know you need to get to Starbucks early to get one of these!