I want to walk you through some of my favorites of my own Starbucks photos over the past month.  If you are on Instagram, it’s possible you’ve seen these, but I know that not all readers on Instagram:

Bremerton Starbucks - 11 Nov 2013^ That is a little Starbucks store in Bremerton, Washington.  I had the day off on Veteran’s Day, and ended up touring some of the Kitsap County Starbucks stores.  I just thought that was an adorable storefront.

Westlake Starbucks 12 Nov 2013^ That is the Westlake Center Starbucks, in downtown Seattle.  It always gets a special holiday window wrap every year.  There are a few Starbucks that typically get additional decorative holiday window clings.  I think the Oak and Rush Starbucks in Chicago is another one that also gets such pretty window designs.

Univ Village 3 - Just before opened Nov 2013^ I just loved how elegant the opening soon sign was for the new University Village Starbucks.

Jonathan at University Village Starbucks 3 - 23 Nov 2013^ I took this photo just yesterday.  It’s partner Jonathan at bar at the new University Village Starbucks. I was sitting at a distance, and just watching Jonathan.  This was not a staged photo in anyway!  Jonathan has known me for years, and thankfully, he’s always been game to be featured on this blog!  Thank you Jonathan.  He’s a great partner.

Meagan Coffee Tasting Olive Way Starbucks Nov 2013^ This was a candid photo from a coffee tasting earlier this month.  I meant to write a whole article about it, but got busy and didn’t do so.  This was a Thanksgiving Blend coffee seminar.  Coffee Master Meagan is incredibly knowledgeable and always willing to share her coffee passion.  And thank you East Olive Way Starbucks!

Clover machine 4th and Union - Starbucks 23 Nov 2013^ The Starbucks Clover brewer has been in stores since December 2007 (I personally found it in January 2008).  It is still a brilliant way to have a cup of coffee.  I took this photo last night, having ordered an Aged Sumatra coffee from the Clover at the Fourth and Union Starbucks in downtown Seattle.

Thanks for the walk through photos with me!  Do you have a picture you want me to share? Email me if you do.