Spring Blend2Be on the look out for an all-new Starbucks coffee: Starbucks Spring Blend Coffee. Look for it at grocery stores and at other similar retailers*. I found it at Barnes & Noble recently. This new coffee is described as having flavors of milk chocolate and sweet orange. It’s a blend of East African Beans and some Latin American beans, including coffee sourced from Peru, giving it that wonderful milk chocolate flavor.

The roast profile is a medium roast profile. Think of it as a little darker than House Blend (at least, that’s my wild guess.). I imagine that Spring Blend would be amazing iced. There is a lot of flavor notes from the East African component.

I took a bag of Spring Blend to Coffee Master Jess at Terry and Republican Starbucks, who hosted a quick mini coffee tasting for myself and a friend that I’d invited along. The coffee comes pre-ground, appropriate for a brew method with a paper filter, but Jess improvised and brewed it on the Clover. The Clover profile ground wasn’t too far off.

This is delicious. The three of us loved it. It definitely has some juiciness to it. I got some of the milk chocolate in the aroma, and all three of us caught the distinct juicy orange flavors. The friend I was with commented that he thought it got juicier as the temperature cooled off.

This is a seasonal offering so grab some soon before it’s gone. I strongly recommend that you give it a try! And, if someone has tried it iced, I’d especially like to know what they think.


As just an aside, I think this packaging is gorgeous. It would make an amazing design for a Starbucks card or a mug.

IMAG9471 Spring Blend - Side of bag near Clover 16 March 2014IMAG9474 Tasting cup of Spring Blend Coffee 16 March 2014IMAG9480 Spring Blend


* This is part of the CPG category of coffee. CPG stands for consumer packaged goods, which includes all of the items that one might find at places like Target, Walmart, grocery stores, and even Barnes & Noble or Bed, Bath, and Beyond. CPG includes items like bottled Frappuccinos, K-Cups, packaged coffee, Starbucks hot chocolate, canned Refreshers in the grocery store, Via Ready Brew products in the grocery stores, and more.