NEWS: MyStarbucksRewards has added a benefit: When you use your registered Starbucks card to pay for your at-home coffee purchase, you earn a star for each coffee item. In other words, whole bean coffee (both core coffees and Reserve coffee), K-Cups, Verismo pods, and packages of Via Ready Brew now all earn an extra star for each coffee item purchased. If a customer bought a chocolate chip cookie, pound of Pike Place Roast, and tall iced tea in one transaction, the customer would earn two stars: One star for the transaction, and one more star for the pound of whole bean coffee. This added benefit is available at company-operated Starbucks locations.

This is a big change! I think it also reflects how nimble MyStarbucksRewards is and how it is ever-changing to meet the needs of its participants. Since coffee is at the core of what Starbucks does, I see this as long overdue.

The official statement on the MyStarbucksRewards change is here.

Also, there’s a sale going on for whole bean coffee.

In Canada only, the sale starts now and goes to the 7th of April:

At Home Coffee Event CANADA

In the United States, there is a pre-sale offering 25% off of whole bean coffee if the customer has received a special email from MyStarbucksRewards for the pre-sale or has received a coupon from a barista for 25% off whole bean. From April 1st through April 7th, Starbucks whole bean coffee is 25% off in the U.S. and no special coupon on invitation is required.

At Home Coffee Event Image

Time to stock up on coffee!

Just as a reminder, anybody (both partners and customers) can join MyStarbucksRewards. Grab a Starbucks card at the register, load money on it, and then register your Starbucks card to unlock your perks. Be sure to track your own rewards. No barista will ever say to you, “Surprise! You have a reward! Would you like to use it now?” You have to keep track of your own rewards. I find it easiest to track my rewards with the mobile phone app.