This May, the My Starbucks Rewards loyalty program expands into grocery, so you can earn a “Star” by buying specially-marked packages of coffee.  I want to give you a sneak preview of how the program works, so you’ll know exactly how to get your Stars!

When you’re at the grocery store, simply look for Starbucks coffee with a special small sticker affixed to the upper right area of the bag:

6734 - Starbucks grocery store coffee - My Starbucks Rewards

The special gold sticker says on it, “Buy this bag. Earn free drinks at Starbucks.”  If your grocery store coffee doesn’t have this sticker, you cannot earn stars from it.

I discovered that the adhesive used for this sticker is pretty strong!  I had wondered if these little stickers would fall off, or easily be ripped off, but I don’t think that is likely.  When you pull the sticker from the bag of coffee, a code is revealed:

6741 Getting the code from coffee at the grocery My Starbucks Rewards

Hang on to that sticker!  You’ll need to enter that code on a website.  The sticker tells you to “Look inside.”  I will admit, when I first played around with the bag, I thought, “Look inside of what?”  The adhesive is so strong, it’s not immediately obvious that there are layers to the sticker.  I tried to tear at the edges, in a frustrated manner.  Do not do that.  The easiest thing to do is place the sticker between your thumb and fingers, and roll it until it naturally begins to peel apart:

6742 Starbucks My Starbucks Rewards at the grocery - Sticker comes apart

Pretty soon, you’ll have the sticker fully opened, and you’ll find further instructions on how to obtain your My Starbucks Rewards Star:

06743 Sticker fully peeled apart My Starbucks rewards grocery coffee

Next, enter the code in the special Starbucks website set up for this.  According to the instruction sheet, you should be able to visit and earn your Star.  Since the program has not launched yet, that website is not yet live.  I will keep you posted, or edit this if there is a different website to visit.

Now you know how to get your My Starbucks Rewards at the grocery store!