I’ve got several great drinks for you to try: Leroy’s Special, A Very Berry Lemonade, the Sunset, and Sophie’s drink.

Recently, I dropped by the Westlake Starbucks and ordered a Valencia Orange Refresher. There were no modifications. As awaited my beverage, I heard Barista Leroy call out my name. He said, “Hey Melody, have you ever tried a splash of Passion Tea with your Valencia Orange Refresher? It looks really pretty sitting on top of the drink and it’s delicious.” And then he said, “I call it the Leroy Special. You want me to make yours like that?”

Of course I said “yes.” I often agree to drink modifications suggested by baristas. Usually they come up with good suggestions. And then I asked Leroy he would mind if I took a picture and uploaded it to Facebook? He was totally game. I showed him the finally picture which features this pretty drink:

Leroy 5 April 2014 copyLeroy was wildly popular on my blog’s Facebook page. Lots and lots of people clicked “like.” On top of that, in the comments many people said they’d be trying the “Leroy’s Special” drink soon. Numerous comments suggested their own favorite drinks with custom modifications involving some combination of Refreshers, iced tea, and lemonade and/or juice.

IMAG9899 3 Summer Drinks 6 April 2014Just for fun, I decided I would pick out some of the suggested drinks and give them a try. Out of the many Facebook comments, I picked three customized drinks. All were wonderful. I’m putting a spotlight on them here in case you need a cool and refreshing beverage idea. Feel free to tell me your favorite warm weather Starbucks beverage. (I realize it’s not quite summer weather in many areas of the country, but it is getting a lot more spring like outside.)

Thank you to the many people in the Facebook comments who made great beverage suggestions.

Today, I headed into a nearby Starbucks and ordered the three drinks. Amber at the new University Village Starbucks made all three:

IMAG9887 Amber making drinks 6 April 2014The first drink is Sophie’s Drink: She wrote: “Try a No water sub orange mango juice Valencia orange refresher!” And here what it looks like:

IMAG9897 Sophie's Drink 6 April 2014An Arizona store partner suggested a “Very Berry Lemonade,” and wrote: “I love a very berry, no water, sub 1/2 lemonade 1/2 strawberry juice. A very very berry lemonade.” So here’s that drink:

IMAG9895 Very Berry Lemonade 6 April 2014And lastly, Celia Ann suggested her drink which she calls the “Sunset.” She wrote: “We also do a CLR with black tea and call a sunset!”

IMAG9896 Sunset 6 April 2014Here’s another look at these three drinks:

IMAG9892 3 customized beverages 6 April 2014The Very Berry Lemonade was the sweetest of the three drinks. The Sunset was the lightest since it didn’t involve any juice. On a hot summer day, I think I might be drawn to the Sunset. Of course, I have to admit, I enjoyed the “Leroy’s Special” drink which was a Valencia Orange Refresher with a splash of Passion Tea on top.

As I said, it’s not quite summer weather yet, but at least it’s not raining. A view of Seattle’s gray-ish blue skies this morning:

IMAG9906 View of Seattle from Gas Works Park 6 April 2014 copy