1 - 1 - Starbucks For LifeThe holiday game “Starbucks For Life” is back! The game and rules are totally different than last year’s so take a few minutes to try it out:

Play now through January 11, 2016, to try to win Starbucks for life. You can play up to two game pieces per day. What you are trying to do is collect game pieces, and fill up your board with each game piece in the right place.

Your game board will look something like this: (This is a desktop view)


Untitled game board - 1

When you can play, the box with the bow will be wrapped in bright red wrapping paper. You click on the box to reveal what is inside. What you hope to have is one of the icons on the right, such as the ornament, candy cane, yeti with red cup, or whatever. When you unwrap the box (by clicking on it), you might not have an icon at all.  Many of the plays will result in you earning one or more bonus stars. I just tried it and got one bonus star. When you earn a bonus star, you’ll be sent an email with a star code to enter to get your bonus star(s).

The icons that you’re collecting look like this: (This is only a sample of them, not all)









There are two ways to get a play. First is through a purchase, and the other is free. When you login to Starbucks For Life, if you scroll to the very very bottom, in tiny print there’s a link for how to get a play without a purchase. That’s what I just did so that I could give it a try.

Happy playing! It would be so much fun if one of my readers won a big prize! Of course, the grand prize, is the coveted gold, “Starbucks For Life” card, which gives you a free Starbucks food or beverage, every single day for 30 years. (Alcohol and Evenings Food is excluded). There are 5 grand prize “Starbucks For Life” cards!

Starbucks_for_Life_GoldCard_Render[1]In order to play, you have to be in the United States, over 18, and you cannot work for Starbucks. All the detailed rules are here.