A look at Starbucks Russia.

A regular reader of this site recently went on a trip to Russia and toured a number of the Starbucks stores there. The 2013 Starbucks Annual Report says that there are 65 Starbucks stores in Russia. However with recent store openings, currently there are more than 70 Starbucks stores in Russia – in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Sochi and Yaroslavl.

It’s my understanding that many of the Starbucks in Russia are mall-based. There are two Starbucks Reserve stores in Russia.  All of the stores are a joint business venture with Alshaya. Most of the stores are in Moscow and a few in St. Petersburg and more in Krasnodar, Sochi, Yaroslavl and Rostov-On-Don. One of the Reserves stores is called “Moscow Hotel.” I assume it’s actually in (or near) a hotel. This Reserve store is behind the famous Red Square and full of tourists, so I hear. The photos of this store show of a really unique wall of coffee mugs and saucers! The menu boards are completely in Cyrillic letters, and the reader said that ordering was sometimes a bit of a challenge – few Starbucks Russia baristas speak English.

In September 2007, the first Starbucks in Russia opened up in the  shopping center “Mega Khimki” in Moscow. The second store was opened in December, 2007, in the historical center of the city on Arbat street. Starbucks Russia has Starbucks cards which can be registered (and my understanding is that there is some benefit, though I don’t know what) but there is no such thing as a Starbucks Russia “gold card.” I like the St. Petersburg Starbucks card featured here – I need that for my collection! 😉

These are great photos! Hope you enjoy them!

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  • purple1

    Impressed with the design of the stores, but then again I have found the international store designs to be so different than here in the USA. Love the SB card too! Wouldn’t it be nice if SB could find some kind of arrangement to have some of the international cards sold here? BTW Melody you have not had an open thread in a bit.

  • Back2Starbucks or George

    These stores are very modern and crisp … They just have a look that feels crisp. The card is just too cool I need one in my collection asap too :) and the wall of cups?Was odd but cool :) thank you for sharing Melody :)

  • Melody

    @Purple1 – Oh you’re right. Haven’t done an open thread in eons. I sometimes forget about doing them. I occasionally think that people respond better to having a given subject matter, but you’re right, I’m way over due for an open thread. Could open up the door to more article ideas later!

  • DadCooks

    Very interesting. I wonder what the “ownership” relationship is.

    Starbucks really needs to have an international store online. I venture that there would be a profitable demand for foreign Starbucks merchandise.

  • Katie

    I’m from Moscow, Russia (moved to the US 2 years ago) and all I can say is people are crazy about Starbucks back home! Me included. It’s huge there, up until recently we only had Starbucks in Moscow and all of the stores are usually packed. There are so many of them downtown, though, that you just keep walking down the street to the next shop till you find a free spot. Not as crowded in the malls. I’ve heard that there is a promo between Starbucks and a radio station this month where they announce a code word every day and you can go and get a free coffee with it at Starbucks. People share it daily on Instagram haha Oh, also Starbucks is way more expensive in Russia than here. The last time I visited (this January) it cost me about $10 per cup the same as I get here for $4. Still crowded and popular. :-)

  • CamSpi

    Shared with a partner who lived in Russia and works in Texas. I think the tea cup wall is brilliant!

  • Harrison Lee

    If anyone needs the matryoshka tumbler, or any mugs from Russia, they can contact me :)


    i love Russia! I love Starbucks. Starbucks + Russia = Bomb!

  • LatteRose

    I like seeing these stores from abroad. Wall of teacups, very cool!

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