It’s time to take another look at the really cool merchandise available in Starbucks in Japan.  Thanks to the amazing Noboru Sakamoto, I again have the chance to show off the super cool merchandise items available only in Japan and to point out the curious “Iced Via” being sold there.  Starbucks is selling an “unsweetened” Iced Via.  As far as I can tell, it is the normal Via in slightly larger packaging.

It is a little strange to me that Starbucks Japan gets an unsweetened Via. I have no idea why. Though in the box of goodies from Japan, I found myself the most entertained by the green coffee stirrer.  What a cute little novelty item! I love the cup on top of it.  I had to make a couple of different guesses what this funny green stick object was – Having ruled out ‘Starbucks version of Harry Potter wand,’ I settled on ‘coffee stirrer.’  I really wish they would sell these little green sticks here in the United States. It’s the kind of thing that would be a hit because of its simplicity yet novelty.

The pictures below include a comparison of the normal Via Ready Brew side by side with the Japan version and the U.S. Iced Via Ready Brew.  What is the story behind the Japanese version of Iced Via?

Many thank yous to Molly of Seattle Custom Framing for giving me a hand with these photos.  If you need something framed in Seattle, go see Molly!

What do you think of the Iced Via or any of these really cool items? I want to point out that even the box that the items came in was really cool – had its own attached brown elastic band, and writing down the side of it.

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