I saw a Buzzfeed article on “26 Signs You’re Hopelessly Obsessed With Starbucks,” and decided that I would create my own list. Buzzfeed clearly didn’t check with me for my input on theirs. πŸ˜‰ Here’s Melody’s own 26 signs you’re hopelessly obsessed with Starbucks:

My Starbucks Idea front page screen cap 21 June 201426. You have a profile and comment at MyStarbucksIdea.com – Because you ponder about Starbucks enough that you’re sure you have the next great idea for them!


18Dec2012 - Steel Starbucks Card arrives25. You have not just a gold and several registered cards, but well, you’ve got a stainless steel Starbucks card. You know, the kind where there are only a few thousand of them in circulation. It might weigh down your wallet, but it’s worth carrying around.


IMAG0440 Cards24. In fact, you have a whole collection of Starbucks cards. Youkeep them neatly organized and show them off to visitors at your house. You buy and trade Starbucks cards on eBay and in a variety of Facebook Starbucks card trading group. You may even be going to Starbucks “Coffee Con” in Seattle, October 10th and 11th, where there will be lots of card trading happening.

Coffee Traveler image borrowed from Starbucks website23. When someone tells you to bring drinks to an all night party, you’re sure they mean “bring a Starbucks coffee traveler!” Party time means coffee traveler, in your world view.


2 - 5 - 5277 Wine Glass Starbucks Riedel22. You drink wine at home from a Starbucks-branded wine glass. Who wouldn’t? You love the little sayings on them, like ‘Take a moment, or three.’



Doppio con panna Univ Village 3 Friday 20 June 2014 copy21. You can order a doppio con panna espresso drink at nine at night. It doesn’t phase you.

20. You WANT Starbucks cards as gifts from anyone and everyone … birthday, Christmas, you name it. And loaded with $5 doesn’t do anything for you. Maybe $20 or $25 on that card – that’s a start.

Pike Place Shirt on Starbucks Store website19. You own Starbucks apparel, and gladly wear it. It doesn’t even matter if fits right, or what season it is. You’ll wear your Starbucks official Pike Place t-shirt in winter!


IMAG9820 Burlap sign for coffee gear store 1 April 201418. You’ve been shopping at the Coffee Gear Store.


17. Better yet, you’ve taken a vacation to Seattle just to see all the Starbucks sights. Pretty much you talk about Pike Place Market and Seattle as if you live there, even if you don’t.

2 - 1 - 1987 - 1992 logo at Starbucks store 101 4th and Cherry downtown 20 June 201416. If someone shows you a Starbucks logo, you can easily spout off things like, “Oh well, that was the 1987 – 1992 Starbucks logo!” It also means that you can date Starbucks merchandise at a glance by looking at the logo.

15. You moved into your home because it’s within one mile of any Starbucks.


DSC00066 1912 Pike Place front of store 16 Dec 201314. Better yet, you moved into your home because it’s within one mile of 1912 Pike Place.

13. You really enjoy getting to know your neighborhood baristas.

12. Better yet, all your Facebook friends are Starbucks baristas. (Well, half are partners and the other half are lawyers).

Screen cap community service page 09 April 201411. You volunteer with Starbucks at community Service events. Every April, you proudly look for community service events to join in for the Starbucks Global Month of Service. You have at least two or three green standard Starbucks community service t-shirts in your wardrobe from when you’ve volunteered with Starbucks.


07088 Starbucks Clover store Tacoma 26th and Proctor - 01 June 201310. There may be several Starbucks within a mile or two of your house, but you’ll drive past them to get to a Clover – Reserve Starbucks.

9. The first day autumn begins when you’ve ordered a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks.

8. The first day of winter begins when you can finally buy Starbucks Christmas Blend.

IMAG0439 Razzle Dazzle Frappuccino7. You know there’s no such thing as a “secret menu” yet you speak drink cup code and can create a great “Razzle Dazzle Frappuccino.”

6. You pay with the Starbucks mobile phone app. Nobody has to tell you that you’re earning a star per transaction at Teavana, Evolution Fresh, and La Boulange.

Passport5. You take your coffee education ΓΌber seriously.

4. You read StarbucksMelody.com. Not just once. Bookmarked and all the time. My gosh, when is a new article coming out? Article updates just three times a week isn’t enough for you!

3. Better yet, you’ve subscribed to StarbucksMelody.com (when you leave a comment, click the box that says subscribe to future articles.)

2. You follow StarbucksMelody on Facebook and Instagram.

IMAG0504 stack of tales book 21. And best of all, you’ve read the book Tales of the Siren: A StarbucksMelody, and yes, you thoroughly enjoyed it.

Now it’s your turn … What’s a sign that you’re hopelessly obsessed with Starbucks?

By the way, to be totally clear, this is all just for good fun! If we can’t poke a little fun at ourselves, and laugh, all is lost! It’s your turn to add to the list!

Hope you enjoyed this list!