IMAG0549 Tales of the Siren books - leaning up against a Verismo 29Jun14During the month of July, Melody will donate one dollar to the Starbucks CUP Fund for every paperback copy of Tales of the Siren: A StarbucksMelody sold via In other words, buy a copy of Tales on (paperback version) and Melody will donate. Each month, my sales tracker starts anew at zero. So on July 1st, it shows no books sold. On July 31, 2014, we’ll check again. If it’s 200 books sold, that in August, I’ll donate $200 to the CUP Fund. I’ll donate up to $1,000 to the CUP Fund, even though there’s no way in heck I’m going to sell 1,000 paperbacks! Dear readers, please prove me wrong!

With your help, in August I’ll walk into a Starbucks and donate cash right at the register. You may not know it, but Starbucks registers are equipped to take CUP fund donations.


Help me donate $1,000 to the Starbucks Cup Fund during the month of August. And on top of it all, I genuinely think you’ll enjoy this book. I’ve received random Facebook messages, comments, and emails from people who thought it was a little bit of a funny read, and enjoyable to hear about all the experiences, friendships, unique coffee experiences, and more!

Thank you to the North Seattle Starbucks store manager who gave me the idea for this promo. Please help me reach this goal – please share!