This summer there are new food options at Starbucks. I thought I’d give you a quick run-down of what’s new.

IMAG0676 Apple Berry Evolution Fresh juice - 5 July 2014 - Greenlake StarbucksThere’s a new Evolution Fresh juice that has shown up at Starbucks stores. It’s the Apple Berry juice. I’m pretty sure that the Apple Berry juice replaced the Organic Ginger Limeade in the stores – to me, this is an improvement. I’m not much of a fan of ginger anyways. Try this! It’s a nice balance of berry and apple, and it’s a little heavier than just a typical juice (I think it’s the banana on the ingredient list that makes it takes a little heavier than a typical juice – it’s like half way between a juice and a smoothie).


IMAG0705 Sausage croissantAlso new is the Sausage Croissant Roll. It tastes like a little hot pocket. It’s really delicious, though quite filling! I’d recommend that you get this when you’re super hungry. I’ve heard a number of partners say that this new item is selling well at their store. Again, delicious but heavy.

IMAG0677 Devil's Food Doughnut - 5 July 2014 Greenlake StarbucksThe Devil’s Food Doughnut – This is also new as of June 24th. This is a classic, glazed chocolate doughnut. I had posted about new food items on this blog’s Facebook page, and much to my surprise, a number of partners commented that their stores didn’t get this item in. That surprises me. I’m not sure if this a regional item or not. It’s a good doughnut. I enjoyed it, though I don’t eat a lot of doughnuts. To be clear, my objection to doughnuts is mostly that they’re empty calories – I’m still tempted by this though. I’ve heard a couple of partners comment that they didn’t like the texture of this doughnut, but I didn’t notice that at all. I’d be curious to hear if you’re in an area that didn’t get this doughnut.

IMAG0616 Westlake Center Starbucks - Turkey Pesto PaniniIMAG0610 paniniHot Turkey Pesto Panani – Once again, Starbucks delivers a delicious panani. They’ve really done an amazing job of offering some very quick, nice light lunch options. This is delicious. There is light pesto sauce but you can taste it. It has a generous portion of turkey. It feels like a good, delicious quick meal. This is also an excellent option to use a MyStarbucksRewards reward on, since the price of the panini is just under six dollars. If you’re not a part of MyStarbucksRewards, get a Starbucks card (like the kind available at the register), put money on it, and register it at “Join Our Loyalty Program” link at Two thumbs up.

IMAG0679 Grilled Cheese Sandwich - 5 July 2014 - Green Lake starbucksThe Grilled Cheese Sandwich -I had such high hopes for the grilled cheese sandwich. I had heard it had done very well in testing! I tried it and I was left with the impression that it’s expensive and boring. Two thumbs down. I hope you’ll prove me wrong in the comments – maybe you love it!


Hope you enjoyed the new food review. The food changes all the time at Starbucks so I’m sure I’ll be doing this kind of article again. And of course, all of this is very subjective!