Your local Starbucks has amazing snacks.  As I write this post, I’m dunking Lucy’s Cinnamon Thin cookies into my cup of afternoon Sumatra. Delicious.  We are now continuing our walk through the “snack aisle” at Starbucks, and stop to talk about these cookies.  I think they’ve been available for a while, but I only just recently tried them.  Our last visit down the snack aisle brought us the joy of popcorn, though that’s not quite as dunkable in a cup of coffee. 😉  To be fair, I didn’t try dunking the buttered popcorn into my black coffee, but it just doesn’t sound like a good pairing.

Lucy’s Cinnamon Thin cookies are fabulous.  There are about five little cookies in the tiny bag.  The packaging states that the cookies are gluten free, and the cookies contain no milk, eggs, or tree nuts.  Truthfully, this packaging was the reason why it took me so long to try these cookies. I had seen them hanging around my local Starbucks and thought, ‘well, why would I try those? I’m not on a special diet‘.  Silly Melody.  Each little bag of cookies is only $1.50.

But let me explain again why these Lucy’s cookies go great with coffee: I can’t believe what perfect dunkers they are.  The little cookies are really nice and crisp, so when you submerse it in your coffee, it’s not going to immediately fall apart in your cup. The cinnamon flavor is strong but not overwhelming, and tastes delicious. The size is perfect too.  Because they’re just a bite-sized cookie, you can even dunk it right into your coffee in your own personal tall tumbler – which of course has a more narrow opening than for-here ware or even a paper cup.

These days even many biscotti are too soft to effectively dunk, and crumble apart easily when dunked into your coffee.  Starbucks has very cute bite-sized little cookies in the pastry case right now, but again those are not crisp enough to dunk into coffee.  I’m not suggesting that the Lucy’s Cinnamon cookies are the Gluten Free equivalent of a Cinnamon Brick: Not the case. I bought several bags – nearly overdosing on cookies – to be sure that they tasted just as yummy dry as dunked.  Definitely true that they are quite good when eaten alone too. However these cookies have a special place in my heart when paired with coffee. Now I just have to figure out which Starbucks coffee pairs best with a Cinnamon flavor.  In all honesty, it probably isn’t Sumatra!