2 - 1 - DSC01411 coversI was just having a conversation with a friend about the two classic Starbucks books: Passion for Coffee and Pleasures of Summer. Starbucks produced both books in the mid-1990s, in partnership with Sunset Books. In years past, I’ve mentioned these books before. In 2012, I mentioned Pleasures of Summer, and in 2009, when this blog was less than 90 days old and almost nobody had heard of it, I wrote about Passion for Coffee here. Actually, I always find it a little bit odd to look at really old blog posts on this site because both my writing and how I think about Starbucks has changed. I’ve learned a lot since 2009! Of course, we’re all constantly learning. You never know what you don’t know, and we all think we know more than we really do. It’s human nature.

Anyways, these are visually beautiful books, and I thought I’d leave you dreaming about them for your essential Starbucks book collection. There will be no new StarbucksMelody updates until mid to late next week – I’m off on vacation. (I hope you will check out the book that I authored, Tales of the Siren.) Feel free to talk about anything Starbucks related. I’ll see you back in roughly one week.

2 - 1 - DSC01414 back of bookDSC01403 pleasures2 - 1 - DSC01407 passion for coffee2 - 1 - DSC01406 Passion for Coffee book2 - 1 - DSC01400 Pleasure of Summer Kenya