I rarely do this kind of thing on this blog, but I’m putting a call out to my most loyal readers to help a Starbucks partner move to Seattle. The partner is Jamie, who lives in Arkansas, and she’s been given an opportunity to move to Seattle to join the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room.

Seattle is a tough city. Her gofundme page only has a goal of $2,000 which strikes me as surprisingly low. This city is booming and rents are rising. The average rent for a one-bedroom in Seattle is now right around $1,500 according to this news article, and in the area where the Roastery is, that figure is closer to $1,700. Consider the daunting prospect of first, last, and a deposit on an apartment in Seattle.

Once she gets settled in here, she’ll be earning an income but I can easily understand that there are costs and expenses involved with this move across country. Even with any relocation assistance, I think the true cost of moving to Seattle (packing up a family, moving boxes cars, and many miscellaneous expenditures) is pretty high. By the time you pay costs of getting out of the place where you were, transportation, and even first month’s rent and a deposit, … well, that adds up.

I’m asking you to help Jamie out. If you are a fellow partner, help a partner out. If you are a customer reading this, please consider a small donation. Even if you only can give $5, it will add up if lots of people do that.

Click here for Jamie’s GoFundMe page.