12081492_10153626195531341_874835091_n Cat Mug and Via Instant White Chocolate MochaStarbucks has introduced something totally new: White Chocolate Mocha Via. It’s an instant white chocolate mocha. Just add water. It’s a new product that you can find in grocery aisles or places like Target (in their coffee aisle). (This is a grocery item. Right now, this isn’t available inside your local Starbucks store. Find it where you buy groceries.)

Many of my readers found that Starbucks had sent them a sample in the mail. Some people received a single sachet of the new White Chocolate Mocha Via and a coupon for one dollar off a five pack of it. I too got a sample in the mail and I’m drinking it right now as I write this!

It’s delicious. It mixes easily and has that nice sweet chocolaty taste you’d expect from a white mocha. I’d love to know what you think of it! So pull up a chair and take in a cup of white chocolate mocha at home when you need a moment for a treat for yourself! All you do is add 8 ounces of boiling water, and voil√†! You’ve got a white chocolate mocha at home! This might fly off the shelves.

Thank you to The Modern Barista for all the photos. Be sure to follow her on Instagram!

White Chocolate Mocha ViaSachets of white chocolate mocha via instant12047210_10153626195461341_1470233703_n packaging white chocolate mocha via