Starbucks is now selling Refreshers in a can in grocery stores

It’s been a long time coming, but the Starbucks Refreshers in a can are now hitting grocery stores everywhere in the United States.  Just as a short recap, Starbucks tested a fresh version of Refreshers in stores in Arizona and California.  The barista-made versions of Refreshers came in two flavors:  Very Berry Hibiscus and Cool Lime.  I still prefer the barista-made in-store versions  a little more than the canned versions, but the canned versions are absolutely delicious too.  I mean that!  They really are very refreshing!

The grocery store version comes in three flavors:  Strawberry Lemonade, Orange Melon, and Raspberry Pomegranate.  Starbucks has an official website for the national launch of these, and you can download a coupon from the website too:

When I first heard that Refreshers had been spotted in Seattle, I was pretty giddy.  It feels like I have been waiting for a long time for this to happen. Last July, I wrote about canned Refreshers in Arizona in this blog post here.  One thing that is interesting about that blog post is that you can compare how the design of the Refreshers can has changed.  From what I can tell, the product has not changed, just the design of the can.  It is still a bubbly energy drink that tastes like a cross between a tea and a juice.  However, the extremely unique thing about the Refreshers is that it is made with a green coffee extract.  So at least technically, it is a ‘coffee’ beverage; however, there is absolutely zero coffee flavor in these beverages.

Here in Seattle, I’ve only found the Refreshers in a limited number of Safeway stores.  By the way, I do not think these drinks are intuitively placed in the stores.  They’re hard to find!  Both times I looked for them, I first went straight to the aisle with lots of bottled and can beverages.  This is not where I’ve found them.  They were placed in the deli area of Safeway, on a separate display.  Also, I noticed that there is only a warm display of them, and apparently no way to buy a cold can in the store.  I definitely recommend that you look for these, though I am giving the heads up that they might be a little difficult to find.  Last but not least, I think the price of each can is a bit steep.  Safeway has them for $2.39 each, and there does not appear to be any four-pack price.  Just in case you have an Albertson’s near you, one partner told me that she found Refreshers at her neighborhood Albertson’s.

They are delicious!  My favorite is the Raspberry Pomegranate, but the Orange Melon is a close second.  What do you think of them?  Have you tried them?


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  • Starbucks Dave

    Those look amazing Melody! We don’t seem to do so well with packaged drinks here, the double shot and discoveries were both discontinued after a summer!

  • Michelle

    Haven’t seen them here, but then I don’t generally look for Starbucks stuff in the grocery store.

    Can’t wait to launch Refreshers in the summer though. We are all very excited about them!

  • denise r

    As I wrote a few days ago when I ran into them here in the Chicago area, they aren’t (as Melody wrote) in the canned beverage display. I found them in Jewel and they were on a display at the end of some aisle. They were on a sale price of 2/$3.00 and at Jewel they do sell an individual item for the sale you can get one for $1.50. Plus they had $1.00 off per can coupons attached so they ended up costing .50cents/can. I did buy one of each but have not tasted yet. I think I have a pretty good idea what they will taste like but I might be surprised.
    Since my initial finding a few days ago (last week), I have seen some mixed in with the canned SBC little drinks and also Sbux canned doubleshots.
    I do think a price of $2.39/can is too much. (that’s what it looked like on your display there in Seattle??) I don’t know what they’ll be priced at here if not on sale.
    In any case, intersting, but I feel pretty sure I’ll be sticking to my iced-doubleshot in Sbux or, if at home, a canned doubleshot.

  • Dustin

    I am SO excited to try these when I get down to the states. I’ll be on the lookout when I am in Boston at the end of the month!

  • Blakeco123

    Oh this is awesome! I really wanted to try these fresh but my store never made them, next time we go shopping I’ll have to look out for them, they sound very tasty!

  • jetBlue711

    I’m going to Safeway right now. I’m so excited to try these, I loved the fresh ones in the summer!

  • Diele

    I wasn’t a fan of the canned versions, but miss the very berry! It was very berry delicious! 😉

    Is it confirmed they are launching nationally this summer? I haven’t heard.

  • Kevin

    The in-store refreshers are DELICIOUS. I’m lucky enough to be in Arizona, so I had the pleasure of drinking them 1-2 times/day for a while this summer. The canned versions aren’t my favorite but a nice go-to drink instead of something like Red Bull or Monster. Now, we sell them in cans in Arizona at Circle K Convenience Stores for $1.99.

  • denise r

    I was told by my sm that we will NOT be having them in my regular Sbux. (said it was decided ? when the whole “trenta” cup issue came out last yr. ???)

  • Michelle

    Denise, have you talked to your SM about them recently? Maybe they have new information?

  • denise r

    @Michelle: it was just this past week (maybe 3 days ago?) that he told me this. Of course, alot of things are never “definite” with Sbux. ??? we’ll see. I liked the rasp/pomeg one in the can but doubt I would buy them. was good tho…

  • Barb the French Bean

    I’ll definitely keep an eye out for them in my local stores! I’ve actually been craving cold, refreshing drinks lately, and I don’t mean Coke Zero. 😛

  • LatteRose

    I’ve been looking in various grocery stores, finally found them at the Fred Meyer store, end of the refrigerated aisle, on a rack – 2 for $3.00.
    Picked up a raspberry/pomegranate!

  • eric

    I spotted them on an endcap in a SuperTarget here in Central Florida (a relief, since we’re well beyond the territory of Safeway or Fred Meyer!).

  • AmazonV

    I can’t wait! I only got to try a “fresh” refresher once, I enjoyed it so I am looking forward to getting it in cans!

  • Bayareabux

    Yes, Refreshers are launching as a new beverage line in stores nationwide this summer. Forget the canned stuff cant wait to try the real thing!

  • Diele

    I could not find anything on the portal stating it, so I guess it is speculation in my mind until I receive confirmation. We do receive at least one request daily for them at the different locations I have worked at. I plan to ask my manager as well. :)

  • Michelle

    Diele- Watch for the Summer workbook, it should be in there. :)

  • Diele

    I have been watching. I hate that they don’t appear until 3-4 weeks before launch. It kills me to wait. I will ask tomorrow though if my manager is holding out the details. I want to know if Coconut or Valencia will come back!

  • Hayley

    Does ANYONE know the caffeine content of the canned refreshers? I remeber awhile back looking for the info and couldn’t find it! It wasn’t listed or printed anywhere on the can, which I thought to be very strange! It look like they came out with a new design for these cans, and we still have the older design here in AZ. Is there caffeine info on the new cans? THe website for refreshers didn’t have the caffeine content either. Weird!

  • denise r

    @Hayley: I have one of the (newest) Refresher cans right here and I can find nowhere on the can with any caffeine content (amount) info. (only gives ginseng mg.) So, I picked up a 15oz canned Sbux doubleshot off my shelf and it also (“mocha” or the “coffee” one) says nothing of caffeine content. ??? You would think they might list that at least on the doublshot cans, since it’s the first ingredient listed..but, not that I can find.
    anyway, no, it’s not listed on the canned Refreshers, which was your question!

  • Hayley

    Thanks for checking! I’m really surprised that info isn’t on the new cans either…even on the side or something! I was just curious to see how much of a caffeine boost the canned Refreshers are compared to a Diet Coke or a comparable energy drink. :)

  • Melody

    @Hayley – I don’t know if this helps, but I recall when Starbucks launched the fresh Refreshers in the store, they said that each one had about the same caffeine content as drinking tea. (??)
    @DeniseR – That is interesting that caffeine content is not listed!

    @LatteRose – Thank you! Your suggestion of finding them at Fred Meyer’s was fabulous. They definitely have the cheapest price around on them. Two for $3.00 is much much better than Safeway’s price of $2.39 each!

  • Hayley

    Woooo! Thanks for sharing the article! :) I can finally rest my search!

  • David

    These flavors look similar to the variation on Refreshers that was being tested in Seattle!

    Speaking of, does anyone know if there are currently any beverages being tested in Seattle? I’m heading up next week and would love to try some new products.

    I already have the Evolution store in Bellevue on my list! :)

  • AmazonV

    I found some at target! I’m drinking the Orange Melon now – it’s very citrus-orangey, with something in the middle (green coffee), then it finishes with melon

  • Amy N

    I found these a couple months ago at Winco & Fred Myers here in Portland,OR. Both places they were $2.89 each which I think is crazy! I bought one just to try it. I had the strawberry lemonade. It’s good but not $3 good! And I too searched the can for the caffeine content & was very surprised that it’s not listed. And was quite disappointed when I found out that it has so little! I admit, I have an addiction to red bull. I drink 1-2/day. An expensive habit! But I am a paramedic that works nights & am often awake for over 30 hours straight, hence my red bull addiction! Needless to say, due to the cost of these Starbucks refreshers & weak caffeine content, I will not be converting! But at least they taste pretty good!

  • Sandra Trolinger

    I had one today at my local Starbucks…I chose the canned pomegranate one to try over my usual black tea lemonade and I really liked it. I think we might have them at our local Walgreens and if so I will be stocking up this summer. Cannot wait to try other flavors! My son loved the drink too.

  • Sandra Trolinger

    Went to Walgreens today to see if they had any and the only variety they carried was the Strawberry Lemonade and it was $2.19 per can or 2 for $4 and I bought 4 cans. Only 60 calories per can is outstanding and I liked the flavor and I hope I get to try them all at some point.

  • Melody

    Sandra, you’re still having some trouble finding them? I would think by now they’d be easy to find. What about your local Safeway?

  • Sandra Trolinger

    I have friends checking the other area Walgreens but if I can get the pomegranate at Starbucks I will be happy. :) I like them but cannot wait to taste the FRESHLY made drinks if Starbucks ends up stocking them and putting them on the menu.

  • Donna

    I have been all over Danville, VA and I can’t find them in my local stores (Walmart, Target, etc.) I can only get them at my local Starbucks. I’m bummed because I have these great coupons that expire in two days.

  • Sandra Trolinger

    I also found the pomegranate flavor at Target last night for $1.99 per can. On an end cap there were bags of Starbucks coffee on sale with a coupon attached that gave you a FREE can of the Refreshers with purchase of the bag. I bought two bags and also bought several cans of the Refreshers. Target has the best price and I found them next to the Red Bull drinks. At our local Starbucks store the price is $2.25 per can and I did ask the baristas if they planned on making fresh ones but they said the cans are the only options.

  • Supersteives

    I know this is an old post but on many of the comments there was BUZZ that the Hand Made (NOT CANNED) versions were going to be launched this summer I think I read somewhere JULY? I live in So. Cal. one of the test markets that had them & I OH SO LOVED THE LIME.
    I was at my local SBUX today and inquired about them launching everywhere in JULY & they had no info.? They just said as far as they knew only Canned versions being avail. I was not a fan of the canned ones. Has anybody heard anything about if they really are coming out again in July.

  • Diele

    They do launch nationwid e in July. Store meetings in my district are being held next week, so will explain the lack of knowledge.

  • Melody

    I was planning a Refreshers article for tomorrow! Sorry so short, on my phone.

  • Mark

    I have found the three current flavors (Raspberry Pomegranate, Strawberry Lemonade and Orange Melon) all over the west coast. I purchase the cans (only individually unfortuately) from Vons, SaveMart, Pilot truck stops, Flying J, Shell gas stations, etc. The funny thing, is that although the flavors are available, when I visit an actual Starbucks retail store, they only have the Raspberry-Pomegranate flavors, and a very limited supply. More than once, I have single handedly wiped out the stores inventory for the week. Oh well, better on my shelf than theirs, right??

  • Chris

    Can the double shot cans of starbucks coffee travel in an airplane? Will they explode? I am traveling out the country and want to know if i can take them or not? will they explode with the pressure??

    Does anyone know.

  • ashley

    when i started working my new job and working a lot of doubles. i went looking for an energy drink to keep mr going. ive tried just about all of them and i always end up gittery or sick to my stomach. when i noticed the double shots i yhought it was worth trying and im glad i did!! they taste good and kept me going with no gittery sick feeling :) soon after i found the refreshers at walmart. raspberry pomegranate and orange melon are my fav they taste really good but wouldnt exactly rely on them for work. im addicted though :)

  • Lizzy

    Love these Orange mellon refreshers, but cannot always find them.
    Taste is really refreshing in the afternoon. My Addiction…need to find them!!

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