12665616_10153847937101341_217329714_nFirst and foremost, what I’m about to write in this article is NOT yet verified with Starbucks. If it becomes verified at a later date, I will update this article and let you know.

One hot topic on MyStarbucksIdea.com and on social media is how MyStarbucksRewards works. Lots of people want increasing stars in relationship to larger spending. In other words, if I spend $60 to buy a Sowden coffee brewer, why should that get me the same one star as if I bought one single cookie or cake pop. Under the current system, you earn one star per transaction, regardless of what you bought in that transaction.

There’s an image flying around closed Facebook groups that many people are saying appears to be how the new rewards system would soon work. The source appears to be a tweet. (I have no idea who that Twitter profile is. Follow me on Twitter here.) Check it out:

1 - 1 - sbux geek tweet - New My Starbucks Rewards


The Facebook comments in response to that have been interesting. Here’s a few things I’ve heard, without giving sources:

Pam: A lot of major corporations “leak” out their own big changes for people to digest first, then when it actually happens everyone is already over the omg I hate change phase. Standard MBA stuff.

S.R.: As a partner, I love this idea! It levels the playing field and will help our transaction times by people not throwing a hissy fit to have their four drinks and six pastries rung up separately because they “deserve” more stars

Melody’s comment: I’ve always taken the attitude that I was a customer before there were rewards, so I’ll be a customer regardless of whether there are rewards at all. This will be way better for me though. I can think of plenty of times I’ve spent like $20 to $30 or more in one transaction. (That was me! :))

Bill: i always think that with changes to the program most people will find a way to adapt – my philosophy is this, i drink Starbucks because i love the coffee and the experience – the rewards program is just a nice enhancement. Its existence in one way shape or form wont change my drinking habits.

J.S.: Let’s do the math.. 300 stars to maintain gold level is $150 spent per year (providing you don’t take advantage of bonus star days and other promotions.) That works out to .41 cents a day, or roughly $3 per week to maintain gold. That seems fair enough

D.K.: Many are voicing they deserve more out of a FREE rewards program. I remember the days when there were no rewards and you frequented Starbucks for the higher quality product and knowing Starbucks actively supports the entire farming community. If this is a deal breaker for some, then obviously you frequented for less than loyal reasons.

Now it’s your turn.