UntitledGreat news! If you are a Gold level member of Starbucks Rewards, this week, you’re earning double stars after 2 PM! That’s the 18th through the 24th, earn 4 stars for every dollar spent, not 2 stars!!! (I believe it’s 2 PM to close, so for 24-hour stores, that’s usually 2 PM to midnight.).

If you haven’t joined the Starbucks loyalty program, just grab any card at the register, ask the barista to put $5 (or more) on it. And then register that card here:

Link to register a card

Learn more about the Starbucks rewards program here.

Just a reminder as to how the new program works. On the Starbucks app, it no longer tells you how many star rewards you have. Remember, you can use your rewards towards food and drink inside the Starbucks stores (excluding beer and wine), an ounce of tea at Teavana stores, or any bottled juice at Evolution Fresh stores. Essentially you redeem 125 of your total star total towards a reward. (I’m pretty sure this is how it works).

To know how many stars you have, take your total number of stars and divide it by 125:


It appears that I have 3 rewards right now. You must redeem your stars before they expire, which is a rolling 6-month time frame.

For extra fun, double tap the star cup on the app. The cup will explode leaving you only stars!

Screenshot_20160418-055716I’m not sure why that’s so entertaining! LOL

Enjoy your double stars after 2 PM this week! It’s the first double star promotion under the new Starbucks Rewards, which launched April 12th!