Members of Starbucks Rewards may occasionally get an survey via email about a recent store visit. I always like doing these surveys! Don’t pass them up! It’s an opportunity to earn bonus stars by completing the survey and it’s an opportunity to score how your store performed.

One interesting thing is that the Starbucks Rewards surveys have ever-changing other questions where Starbucks is just trying to glean more data.

If you get a survey, you’ll find an email that says something like this:

4th and Union Survey 21April2016

You’ll open up the survey and find the ability to rate your store experience on a number of criteria:

4th and Union Survey Strongly Agree - 21Apr2016And then now and then the survey will add a few extra questions where Starbucks is seeking more customer data:

4th and Union Survey 21 Apr 2016 - What have you heard

4th and Union Survey 21Apr2016 - will use rewards

As quickly as that, you’ve earned bonus stars!

One thing I miss though is that there is no way to write a free form comment. Years ago, the surveys had a free form comment section. I miss that a lot and wish Starbucks would bring it back. I think it’s enormously valuable simply to hear that kind of feedback. In many ways, a survey can’t capture a very full range of a customer’s thoughts.

Now you know! Don’t delete the survey emails that you get!