New Doc 159 akeelah and the bee promotional materialDo you remember the name of Starbucks’ first feature film partnership? It was the movie Akeelah and the Bee. Starbucks partnered with Lionsgate to produce this movie, which was released in theaters April 28, 2006.

Starbucks produced a special promo CD which included an introduction by Howard Schultz as well as the movie trailer. From what I know, the special promo CD was mailed out to partners (Starbucks calls their employees ‘partners’) everywhere in advance of the national movie release on April 28th.

Starbucks has never done a major movie partnership either before or after Akeelah and the Bee!

20160728_063113 akeelah and the bee20160728_063045 akeelah and the bee


If you want to watch the introduction by Howard and the movie preview, here it is. The end of this clip ends with a short message from the star of the movie, Keke Palmer, who played the part of Akeelah:


howard introducing akeelah and the bee

Hope you enjoyed this quick flash back to the one and only Starbucks-produced full feature movie!