Over the weekend, I was twittering with a partner who tweeted a photo of a 2001 Starbucks coffee called, “Starbucks Special Reserve.”  I was a little surprised, and it definitely occurred to me that Starbucks has used the name “Special Reserve” more than once, and on very different coffee blends.  The partner had two photos featuring this “Starbucks Special Reserve Harvest 2001,” and with his generous permission, I am sharing them here.  I think this is another one of those time-capsule moments of looking at the Starbucks coffee of yesterday.

If you like Starbucks history lessons, there is a whole category of them here.

I don’t have much to say about this … except that given the description, it sounds wonderful and I’d love to see it in stores now!  I would definitely enjoy this.  Hope you enjoy this too!