You’ve probably seen the news that there are long lines at some Starbucks stores and/ or longer wait times. Business Insider detailed what’s happening and provided some insight on what Starbucks may do to alleviate wait times and lines.

Let me add to the list ideas Starbucks is testing to make store operations smoother: Text notification. “Your Order is Ready”.

Here is how it works. First you place an order using Starbucks Mobile Order and Pay (via the Starbucks app) just as you normally would:

2 - 1 - Screenshot_20170316-085937-1 Mobile Order Russell Investment Center Starbucks

Just as always, a ticket spits out for the Starbucks barista to get your order. However, with the new text notification technology a bar code prints at the bottom of the ticket:

20170316_090129 MOP with bar code

When the order is ready, a barista scans the bar code:

20170316_090203 text notification Starbucks MOP

Next thing you know. a text notification appears on your phone:

2 - 1 - Screenshot_20170316-090016 text notification

In theory, if customers go pick up their order right away, the entire store’s operations will be smoother: Fewer drinks waiting around to be picked up causing confusion whose is whose. Faster drink pick up generally makes customers happy. Fewer drink remakes because the drink sat so long that it needs to be remade.

Having tried this out, the one thing I noticed is that you receive a notification, but it seems to clear quickly. I’m not sure why that it is. It would be easy to miss. If you click onto the notification, it does not take you to notifications within your app’s inbox, which might make sense to do.

I like this idea! It needs to be more than a small test in Seattle.